Endurance Athletes: Missing training days due to soreness? You may need more protein

Benefits of protein for the endurance athlete What’s the buzz about protein? First of all, we are made of it, literally. Everything from our muscles, bones, neurotransmitters, and hormones, to tiny microscopic cellular machines, are made up of protein. Protein benefits: Helps with muscle repair  Helps with muscle building Helps maintain fluid balance Makes up […]

Whey Protein, Glutathione & Athletes

It’s commonly accepted that exercise is advantageous to our health, but what impact does exercise, at the intensive level of a committed and highly trained athlete, have on our bodies? While there are a myriad of benefits from intense exercise, it is technically a physiological stressor, as it creates oxidation, aka chemical stress, within the […]

Whey Protein Supports Synthesis of Glutathione

You already drink whey protein for lean body mass and recovery[1] but, what about the intricacies of what whey protein is doing for you beyond building muscle and catalyzing better recovery? If we told you that whey protein supports antioxidant activity in your body, would you believe us? It’s true. One of the most under-appreciated […]

Recovery Nutrition and Breaking through Your Performance Plateau

Recovery is arguably the most overlooked aspect of any training program, and yet it is often the key to building functional strength, preventing injuries and breaking through performance plateaus. The quality of an athlete’s recovery or speed at which muscles recover from intense training can have a direct impact on an athlete’s ability to perform […]

Golden Milk Protein Shake

My inspiration for this smoothie came from a recipe for Golden Milk, an Ayurvedic staple that has been part of Indian culture and medicine for thousands of years.  Incorporating cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and cardamom, this recipe is full of ingredients that are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds.  Plus – adding a little Gnarly protein […]

A Guide to Recovery Nutrition

Recovery is arguably the most overlooked aspect of a training program, and yet it is often the key to building functional strength and breaking through performance plateaus. The quality of an athlete’s recovery or speed at which muscles recover from intense training can have a direct impact on an athlete’s ability to perform at subsequent […]

How much protein should you eat per day?

What do you think is the right answer? Chances are you’re imagining something like “1.2 to 1.6 grams per kilogram” or “1 gram per pound” right now. These are the classic figures used by sports nutritionists the world round, and it’s the way most athletes have been trained to think about protein.   There’s a […]

Protein pancakes

This is the easiest recipe EVER and these protein pancakes make a great breakfast, snack, pre-workout fuel or even dessert (think drizzled chocolate).  The recipe below is gluten free and although we use Gnarly Whey in the video, these can also be dairy free if you use Gnarly Vegan. I like to top them with […]

Gnarly Whey Macaroons

Because I make so much homemade pasta, I always have an abundance of egg whites. One great way to use them instead of dumping them down the sink is to make Macaroons. Turns out, they are great anytime of day, easy to share, have a relatively long, low maintenance shelf life, and travel well. I’ve […]

Does Protein Make You Bulky?

Protein has a reputation in the fitness world. When a person begins training, the first dietary change they make is to increase protein. When the diet logs of the bulkiest men in the world are published, it’s not uncommon to see protein intakes of 400 or more grams per day. Our muscles are literally made […]

Recovery Nutrition and Breaking Through Your Performance Plateau

Have you ever pulled on to your warm-up and immediately felt soreness in your forearms from the previous day’s hard session.  How much effort did you put into recovery?     How much effort do you consistently put into recovery?   Recovery is arguably the most overlooked aspect of a training program, and yet it […]

Post-Run Nutrition

“Don’t give up. Especially after you’ve finished.” Athletes often get caught up in the distracting excitement and satisfaction of reaching the finish line and consequently often neglect post-race nutrition. Refueling and rehydrating after a race can significantly decrease muscle soreness and reduce recovery time, leaving you stronger and ready to tackle your next run. To […]

50 Different Ways to Take Your Whey

You might be surprised to hear this but there are tons of things that you can do with that fantastic grass-fed whey protein – Gnarly Whey – you just picked up. Recipes and ideas can be found all over the internet, even filling entire cookbooks dedicated to the subject. But, to save you some trouble, […]

Which Whey Protein Is Best?

You’ve likely heard that whey protein is incredibly good for you – regardless of your exact fitness goals. Want to lose weight? Whey protein can help with that. Want to build muscle? Whey has you there too. Even when it comes to less obvious things like boosting your immune system, balancing your blood sugar or […]

5 Tips for Baking with Protein Powder

Typically, organic protein powders and vegan protein powders have one use: shakes. And, most of the time, these “shakes” are a pretty basic one-ingredient affair. Of course, this is totally fine and provides a fast, convenient way to cram some extra protein into your day. But, if this is all you’ve ever used your protein […]

The 5 Most Common Sports Nutrition Mistakes and How to Solve Them

Regardless of your sport and training level, you’re nutrition is absolutely vital. As you workout, you’re placing a huge variety of demands on your body and – in order to respond properly – you need to be adequately fueled. But “adequately fueled” can mean a lot of different things. Nutrition is, after all, an incredibly […]

What You Must Eat to Gain Lean Muscle

It’s interesting how much time and attention people looking to gain muscle mass spend on their workouts. Of course, there are specific workout designs that are better suited to stimulate hypertrophy (gains in muscle mass), but the truth is that if your diet isn’t right those workouts aren’t gone to deliver any real, noticeable gains. […]

What Elite Athletes Eat: Fuel Like A Pro

With the rise of more competitive forms of exercise like Crossfit over the past several years, many people have come to think of themselves as athletes who wouldn’t traditionally fall under that previously limited category. And, by right of the intensity of the training they undergo, many have every reason to classify themselves that way. […]

10 Foods That Will Ruin Your Workout

If you’ve been involved in the health and fitness world for any length of time, you likely know that your diet has a huge impact on your progress. And so, you rigorously work to make sure that your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to be properly fueled. Which is great. What many […]