USA Climbing’s Olympic Hopefuls Utilize Gnarly Nutrition to Fuel Their Quest for Gold

Salt Lake City, Utah (October 01, 2019) — USA Climbing (USAC) today announced its partnership with Gnarly Nutrition to provide sports nutrition supplements for the organization’s athletes—including the group’s Olympic hopefuls training for next summer’s games in Tokyo. “Working with the team at Gnarly to fulfill our athlete’s needs led us to choose them over […]

Gnarly Nutrition Introduces Zac and Kami of Energy Explosion

Located right here in Utah, husband and wife duo, Kami and Zac Price, run their very own fitness and yoga studio in Spanish Fork. With a desire to create the perfect environment for people to have one-on-one training, Zac and Kami opened Energy Explosion in 2007 and created a personal and practical fitness program that […]

American Climber, Daniel Woods, has Joined the Gnarly Nutrition Team

Daniel Woods, known for his exceptional skills in bouldering, began climbing at the young age of five and hasn’t stopped since. At the age of 25, Daniel has established various bouldering routes in Switzerland, South Africa, and in the Rocky Mountains. On top of his outdoor accomplishments, Daniel has won many bouldering competitions including the […]

Gnarly Nutrition’s All-Natural Supplements Now Sold In Utah’s Whole Foods Stores

As of May of 2014, Gnarly Nutrition is now found in all 5 Whole Foods stores throughout Utah. Whole Foods Market and Gnarly Nutrition have the same passion for providing people with the highest quality ingredients, and, have, therefore, partnered to make the Gnarly brand more accessible to Whole Foods customers. As a premier natural […]

Gnarly Nutrition Uses New Zealand, Grass-fed Cows for Their Gnarly Whey Protein Powder

Gnarly Nutrition is taking a revolutionary approach when it comes to making sports supplements. It is Gnarly’s goal to create supplements with only the best, all-natural ingredients that allow the human body to push boundaries and achieve more than ever before. This company has formulated a complete sports nutrition line that they guarantee contains no […]

Ultra-Runner, Jennilyn Eaton, is Gnarly Nutrition’s New Athlete

From dedicated rock climber to ultra-runner, Jennilyn Eaton has joined the Gnarly Nutrition team as one of their sponsored athletes. Building off of her rock-climbing background, this mother and extreme trail-runner spends countless hours researching her routes on maps and on the web. Jennilyn kills it in races, but spends far more time chasing FKT’s […]

All-Natural Supplement Brand, Gnarly Nutrition, Has Released Brand New BCAAs Product

Gnarly Nutrition has added Gnarly BCAAs to its line-up of all-natural sports supplements including Gnarly Whey, Gnarly Vegan, Gnarly Feast, Gnarly Slim, Gnarly Pump, and Gnarly Boost. Consistent with the rest of their product line, Gnarly BCAAs are completely free of artificial ingredients and GMOs. Gnarly’s BCAA formula includes Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine – the […]

Gnarly Nutrition’s All-Natural, Pre-Workout Supplement Now Comes in Orange Mango

Gnarly Pump, one of Gnarly Nutrition’s top-sellers, is a Nitric Oxide booster with Creatine to feed your muscles. Not only does Gnarly Pump have clinical doses of Nitric Oxide and Creatine, but it also includes Green Tea extract for a surge of natural energy. Gnarly Nutrition is an all-natural supplement company that prides itself in […]

Gnarly Nutrition Gearing To Launch Its Brand New Website For 2015 Consists of a Sleek Design, Full Athlete Profiles, Complete Supplement Facts, and Online Store. Gnarly Nutrition is an all-natural sports supplement line that is all about providing individuals with the fuel and nutrition they need to push possibilities, shed excuses, and crush limits. By using high quality and clean ingredients, Gnarly Nutrition has created […]

Gnarly Nutrition’s Sports Supplements Now Sold at Good Earth

The recent partnership between Gnarly Nutrition and Good Earth Natural Foods will make Gnarly Nutrition products available for retail sale in all of Good Earth’s stores along the Wasatch front. Not only will Gnarly Nutrition benefit from having a trusted retailer launching their products into the local market, but Good Earth is also known for […]