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Ironman Kona Recap With BJ Christenson- The Dude Killed It

Joel P
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Joel P
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What a stellar result this past weekend for Gnarly triathlete BJ Christenson who absolutely killed it at the Ironman World Championships in Kona, Hawaii. Not only did he shatter his former PR with a phenomenal finish of 9:03:34 but he stayed super competitive in an age group (male 35-39). that includes some of the toughest Ironman triathletes in the world. BJ finished 8th in his age group out of 227 very competitive athletes and was 65th overall out of the 2,134 triathletes that attempted one of the worlds most grueling endurance races.


BJ swam the 2.4 mile course in 56 min, biked the 112 mile bike route -through scorching heat and unrelenting wind- in just under 5 hours, and completed the race with a ridiculously fast marathon of 3:02.

What did BJ have to say about the race?

“[It] was a dream… I just missed the sub 9 and the podium, but I have no regrets. I raced my heart out…and couldn’t be happier with the result. For where I am at physically, it was my best race… If this turns out to be my swan song then I am happy with that. That being said, you never know what the future holds.”

Well said sir. Everyone here at wants to send out a heartfelt congratulations to an unquestionably Gnarly finish. We’re glad our stuff had something to do with it.


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