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"Gnarly Nutrition is committed to improving people’s nutrition, training and the knowledge of nutrition in climbing and other sports. Gnarly products really do help me stay on top of my nutrition, especially if I don’t feel like cooking a big meal after a big workout. A Gnarly protein shake is always an easy alternative."

Nathaniel Coleman

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Gnarly exists to create the highest quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance. Nutrition that helps push through the failure, amplify the grit, and celebrate life’s messy triumphs.

That’s where our passion lies: in progressing each athlete’s best, from the inside out. We are here for the long training runs, summit days, new PRs and every day in between.

Our unequivocal commitment to science-backed nutrition, delivered through transparent, natural, straightforward ingredient standards and rigorous product testing.

We back our commitment to high-quality product with a pledge to educate others about the benefits of functional nutrition.

We find the most joy outside, and devote ourselves to sharing it: by increasing diversity in outdoor pursuits, strengthening environmental protections by amplifying the voices of environmental activists, and pushing our own behind-the-scenes sustainability goals.

At Gnarly, we grow by pushing what’s possible.

Gnarly Pre-workout Supplement

“Perfect Balance for Sustained Energy and Fast Recovery.”

What are Gnarly Products?

From pre-workout hydration to protein-based meal replacement and branched chain amino acids, Gnarly products provide the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fuel every athlete’s engine.

Optimized to be clean, effective and great tasting, Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of science-backed sports nutrition products free of hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, or anything artificial.

Non-GMO GMO-free
Natural Sweeteners Natural Sweeteners
No Hormones or RBST No Hormones or RBST

Why Partner with Gnarly?

Offering Gnarly Nutrition products in your Run, Bike, Outdoor, Natural shops, and climbing gyms retail space boosts your bottom line and will prove to your members and guests that you’re just as serious about bettering their health and fitness as they are.


Your staff receives a 35% discount on any Gnarly product and apparel purchase.


Gnarly will provide videos, presented by Dr. Shannon O’ Grady, about the ins-and-outs of Gnarly products.


Gnarly can improve your climbing comps and gym events with apparel, swag items, giveaways and hydration stations.


If your gym has a cafe, it’ll have access to Gnarly wholesale prices, as well as a Gnarly-specific recipe book to liven up your menu.


Gnarly can help educate your members about nutrition and fitness with informational blogs, social posts and videos.

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