A more sustainable solution...
Introducing Gnarly's new steel packaging!

IT's time to steel back earth's future

In the United States, steel is recycled at a rate of ~71% vs. a plastic recycling rate of 8%*.
Plus, steel is INFINITELY recyclable, whereas plastic can only be reused 1-2 times.
Gnarly’s new steel packaging for tubbed product is not a final solution to environmental issues. But, we are proud to be on a path to progress as the only brand in the industry utilizing steel packaging.

Why Steel?

Reusable - beautiful & durable

Recyclable - 70% vs plastic's 8%

Made in usa - sourced in-country

two-thirds of all new steel comes from recycled steel

manufactured in the usa, reducing the environmental cost of shipping

Check out our blog to learn more about our new packaging! 

Recycle Gnarly Packaging

Most cities will accept metal cans (aluminum and steel) in the curbside recycling program. 
Verify acceptance through your program as well as any preparation instructions, such as whether to rinse or crush cans.