We are the Gnarly Team

After spending 10 years blending outdoor recreation with counseling to help people better themselves, Eli wanted to create a brand that builds people. Gnarly is just that; A company that inspires individuals to reach their true potential.

Building sports nutrition that is clean, effective, and great-tasting is only a portion of how we help our people reach their potential.

Only quality natural ingredients


We don’t mess with GMOs because we don’t want GMOs messin’ with you. It’s easiest for both us to just leave them out of the picture.

There’s not enough evidence to determine the full impact of GMOs on humans and the environment, therefore Gnarly Nutrition chooses to source ingredients that are GMO-free.


Our products taste better than they need to. And we are committed to using natural ingredients, including natural sweeteners, so the taste is healthy.

Our naturally occurring low calorie sweeteners, like stevia and monk fruit extract, provide amazing taste and enable you to regulate the carbohydrate intake that fits best with your lifestyle.


Our Whey protein products are sourced from New Zealand grass-fed cows.

Cows on conventional farms are given antibiotics to combat disease. Overuse of these antibiotics can lead to antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria. By sourcing our whey from grass-fed New Zealand cows, Gnarly is able to provide a clean, antibiotic-free product. These animals are not treated with synthetic hormones like rBGH and rBST, which are given to conventionally raised (i.e. grain fed) dairy cows to increase milk production.

We are focusing on building a culture that inspires consumers to
want more, do more and be more
Eli Kerr
Gnarly Athlete & CEO

Designed to enhance your progress

The early mornings, the searing pain of that last set, the unwavering commitment to the program—we know you want it more than most. Your determination is the engine that drives you to achieve your goals, but every engine needs fuel.

Whether you’re a working mom with an ultra racing obsession, a professional climber looking to set the new standard, or a devoted gym disciple chasing a PR, Gnarly is the missing link in your chain—a clean, delicious and incredibly effective way to take your training to the next level and achieve what you know you’re capable of.

want more.

do more. be more.

Gnarly is all about people who are passionate about experiencing the feelings of progress. Therefore, Gnarly Nutrition is not so much a product as it is an experience. An experience of finding yourself through wanting more, then committing to doing more. It’s an experience of becoming more purposeful and living out your passions, and most importantly, becoming free from fear.

We want everyone to Find Their Gnarly, which is to experience the process of becoming more through a commitment to discover what you’re capable of.

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