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Become A Professional At Will Power, Here's How!
Become A Professional At Will Power, Here's How!

Become A Professional At Will Power, Here's How!

My indecisiveness used to be the frustration of my family and the torment of my ex boyfriends. Sure, now I can pick an entre at a restaurant in a socially acceptable time frame, but my inability to focus on simply one athletic endeavor has not wavered. My condition has only gotten worse since grade school! I played every organized sport under the sun and now that my life and career is fitness, new athletic opportunities excite me every day. I race Obstacle Races professionally on the Spartan Race Pro team but I have many more goals for 2016. For starters, I plan to begin the year doing my first figure competition in February, do a 24-hour endurance race in March, win my race series, and enter a kettle-bell competition.

It’s not that I cannot commit to one thing, it’s that I want to show the world that you don’t have to. You can literally decide to do whatever you want and take action steps to get there. I want to be a professional at will power and there is no better way to do so than with practice.

“Would you have a great empire? Rule over yourself” -Publilius Syrus

I have taken this mentality, along with my passion for fitness, movement, the outdoors and the human body and signed up for my first Figure Competition on February 20th. This is something I have been saying that I want to do for over a year, and, about a month ago, I made the decision to do it. Here are some of the action steps I took, and I am taking, to get there without excuse.

  1. I told other people I was doing it so that I could not back out.
  2. I began to read everything I could about the subject.
  3. I researched competitions and chose one.
  4. I hired a coach.
  5. I am writing a fitness and nutrition plan.
  6. I prep meals in order to physically and mentally convert to a more disciplined lifestyle.

To make things a little more interesting (read: difficult) I decided to prepare for this competition without meat or animal products beside eggs and fish. My main protein sources besides these are lentils, beans, Gnarly Vegan, and some Tofu. I do this in spite of everything I read that says meat is the best or only way to train for these competitions. Win or lose I will have the experience and the documentation to back up my journey and share with others! And best of all, I will exercise my will-power muscle and practice decision making and action steps to spill into all areas of my life and into the next challenge I decide to take on.

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