25 Fun Ways To Burn 100 Calories
25 Fun Ways To Burn 100 Calories

25 Fun Ways To Burn 100 Calories

Although it might not seem like much, burning a full 100 calories several times in a week adds up. And better yet, it can usually be done fairly quickly – in some pretty fun ways. Studies have also found that three short workouts of just 10 minutes, spread throughout the day have the same health benefits as one 30-minute bout. So, without any further jabber, here is a list of 25 fun ways to burn 100 calories.

  1. Take the stairs – Skip the elevate and opt for the stairs to stay active and torching calories throughout your day. When it comes to calories, it’ll take about 15 minutes to burn a full 100 but remember: that can be spread around your daily routine. This has the added benefit of keeping you mentally sharp when you have to settle down for work.
  2. Yard work – Get outside and finally take care of those projects you’ve been ignoring. If you keep up a good pace, you could burn 100 calories in a mere 10 minutes. This is also a great way to enjoy your environment more and spent time with your family.
  3. Swimming – A brief 12-minutes in the water will help you ward off the summer heat and burn about 100 calories. Of course, swimming here means swimming – not floating or wading. That’s cheating.
  4. Treading water – If you do just want to be in the pool without swimming around aimlessly, that can work, too. About 25 minutes of this will work just fine.
  5. Biking – A moderately paced bike ride is a perfect way to spend time with the family that can be done right around your neighborhood. To get rid of those 100 calories, you’ll only need to spend about 15 minutes in the saddle.
  6. Dancing – Keeping mind, by “dancing” we mean jumping around the living room like a clown while music happens to be playing. In about 20 minutes, you can get a break from the routine of the day and burn those 100 calories.
  7. Zumba – If you have access to it, and like the structure, a Zumba workout can take care of 100 calories in just about 10 minutes.
  8. Cooking – It might be surprising, but you can burn 100 calories in about 30 minute just by preparing the meal.
  9. Walk your dog – Granted, the amount of effort you expend while getting your furry friend outside will depend on his size, energy level and… behavior. Either way, though, you’re likely to drop 100 calories in about 25 minute on a leisurely walk.
  10. Basketball – Depending on how intense the game is, you could burn those 100 in just 20 minutes or less.
  11. Golfing – If you carry your own clubs, a mere 15 minutes will burn 100 calories while golfing. So give the caddie the day off.
  12. Minigolf (or driving range) – Or you can just stand still and make your shots, that’ll work too. When looking at the calories, though, it’ll take double the time – 30 minutes – to accomplish your calorie goal.
  13. Billiards – It might not seem like a physically intense activity, but a light game of pool will take care of 100 calories in about 35 minutes.
  14. Bowling – Similarly, hitting the lanes for just 30 minutes should be enough to burn the target calories.
  15. Canoeing – Spending some time on the water is perfect for the summer and a quick 30 minutes in the canoe will be just what you need – calorically speaking.
  16. Fishing – Yet another activity that doesn’t seem particularly… active, fishing can accomplih your goal in an easy 25 minutes or so.
  17. Frisbee – In just 30 minutes of catch with a frisbee, you’ll get the job done. Things will move even faster if you make a game of it.
  18. Yoga – A relaxing 20 minutes of stretching and breathing will refresh you for the day and leave you 100 calories lighter.
  19. Pilates – If you’re looking for a similar pace but with a greater emphasis on strength, go for a pilates break. In 25 pilates, you’ll be done and ready to go.
  20. Kickball – Remember kickball? For some reason, most adults get away from this one. Which is a shame, since a mere 13 minutes will chase those 100 calories away. This is also a perfect game to play with your kids and get them moving.
  21. Catch (with a football) – Toss the football around for just 35 minutes and you’re good.
  22. Soccer – A casual game of soccer, lasting just 13 minutes will work perfectly for our purposes.
  23. Baseball (or softball) – A quick, 18 minutes of America’s favorite pastime will do just fine.
  24. Tennis (singles) – In 15 minutes, you can take care of all those calories and work on your game.
  25. Tennis (doubles) – Or, if you’re willing to play a little longer you can get a partner involved and make the game more social. This will mean, however, that it’ll take about 20 minutes for you to burn those calories.
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