Crossfit Coach, Power lifter, and Entrepreneur Krissy Cagney Joins the Gnarly Nutrition Team
Crossfit Coach, Power lifter, and Entrepreneur Krissy Cagney Joins the Gnarly Nutrition Team

Crossfit Coach, Power lifter, and Entrepreneur Krissy Cagney Joins the Gnarly Nutrition Team

The Owner of Doughnuts and Deadlifts and the Black Iron Gym, Krissy Cagney, is the Newest Gnarly Athlete

Growing up with triathlete parents, Krissy was introduced to the fitness world at a young age. Starting out as a personal trainer, Krissy’s love for fitness got her involved in the bodybuilding scene. At the same time, Krissy was battling severe drug addiction and alcoholism since the age of 16.

Despite her struggles, Krissy excelled in CrossFit competitions, and she was offered a job as a coach at Rise Above Fitness in Orange County. Krissy is now a Westside Barbell coach and a Registered Dietician. Most importantly, Krissy has become completely sober from drugs and alcohol since May of 2013, her greatest achievement. Today, Krissy resides in New York City as the proud owner of Doughnuts and Deadlifts (a lifestyle brand) and has opened the Black Iron Gym.

Krissy Cagney has recently joined the Gnarly Nutrition team as a sponsored athlete. She epitomizes everything that Gnarly stands for: pushing possibilities, crushing limits, and shedding excuses.

On joining, Krissy stated, “When I was approached by Gnarly, I didn’t consider myself an athlete. I was a strength and conditioning coach with a large social media following. As Gnarly grew, so did the team. Many elite athletes were brought on board, and I was inspired by every single one of them, which made me want to push myself. Being a part of the Gnarly team has given me drive that I didn’t know I had. When you work with a company you truly believe in alongside a phenomenal line-up of athletes, you have no choice but to be the best you can possibly be. Gnarly has supported my journey as any athlete, even before I was one.”

Krissy has excelled in her field against all odds, and has become a pure example of what it means to be gnarly. Gnarly Nutrition is excited to have such a power player on its team, and is looking forward to supporting Krissy in all her future fitness endeavors.

Gnarly Brand Manager, Eli Kerr stated, “Super stoked to have Krissy join our team. She is one of the most compassionate and kind individuals that I know, yet everyone thinks she is total hard ass. I like that dichotomy in her personality. She has been preaching flexible dieting before it was a thing. Krissy is a super dedicated athlete, very knowledgeable and no doubt, a valuable asset to our team. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to support her and be working with her.”

Learn More About Krissy

Want to know more about Krissy, her favorite Gnarly products, and future goals? Head over to Krissy’s Facebook page.

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