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Gluten and Endurance Athletes
Gluten and Endurance Athletes

Gluten and Endurance Athletes

Here’s a great article from talking about gluten and why more and more endurance athletes (myself included) have decided to push it out of their diet. While obviously a personal choice, for the endurance folk, it may seem like it’s going against a lot of what we’ve heard growing up and getting into our sports. Remember those big pasta dinners the night before a marathon? Turns out that’s not the best way to keep gluten out of your diet. Excited for the PB&J in the back pocket of your jersey when you finally make it to mile 100 of your 150 with friends today? Yeah, that’s going to have to go too. Or at least be modified a bit.

The article does a great job at breaking down the reasons why someone would want to move away from gluten as well as what options are out there for carbohydrate needy endurance athletes. The biggest reason I’ve decided to get away from gluten is that it really helps me cut down on the processed food that I consume without thinking. Instead, it forces me to make food choices that are fresher and bit more nutrient-dense –and I still get plenty of carbohydrates. The articles author, Brooke Schohl, who’s a registered dietician does a great job of looking at the cons as well and making sure that you don’t walk away from the article thinking that everything gluten free falls into the dreaded media and consumer buzz catch all of “healthy”.

And, it should go without saying, all Gnarly products are gluten free.

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