Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Retells His Experience Taking 2nd Place in the Spartan Sprint Race
Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Retells His Experience Taking 2nd Place in the Spartan Sprint Race

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Retells His Experience Taking 2nd Place in the Spartan Sprint Race

This last weekend I had the opportunity to run the Spartan sprint race in Breckenridge, Colorado with some of the best Obstacle Racers in the World. There was a buzz in the air and the race definitely got its fair share of media and television coverage from major networks like NBC.

With a climb in elevation of over 10,000 feet, I knew this race was going to be tough.

Going into the race, I was lacking a little confidence. Whether it was the fact that I hadn’t run a race since March or whether it was the quality of competition, I’m not sure. But I had more nerves than I’ve had in a long time. I knew it would take a very solid race to win.

The race started out about like I expected. It was just fast enough to drop the majority of runners within the first mile or two. I could feel the elevation, but I knew that my body should be more accustomed to it than most of my competitors. I knew that if I was feeling it, those from lower elevations would surely be feeling it.

A few more miles into the race, the elevation had taken its toll on the competition. I was leading the race and Hobie Call was right behind me. We were creating a gap on the rest of the field. As the race continued, I had hoped to put some distance on Hobie Call as well, but he was running solid and strong. I jumped out to a 30 meter lead, but as soon as I started thinking that I was going to get a break on him, he would some how make up the distance and be back in front. So for 2-4 miles of the 5 mile race, Hobie Call and myself traded off leading the race, each hoping to somehow pull away.

Nearing the end of the race, we had created a substantial lead on the competition and it was down to the two of us. At about mile 4, the obstacles got harder and closer together. During these obstacles, Hobie took a slight lead, but I was clearly within striking distance. We came to the spear throw and Hobie threw first. I watched as his spear flew wide. This was my chance, this was the break I had been waiting for! I took my time, I knew all I had to do was hit the mark and the race would be mine. I let my spear go and it flew just off to the left of the hay. It struck the edge of the hay and broke out. I knew it was going to be pretty hard to win now. I was wishing I hadn’t taken my time on the spear throw because Hobie had about a 5-10 burpee lead.

With less than a mile to go I knew I was in trouble. I finished my burpees and Hobie was well ahead by now. As I headed towards the finish, I just tried to enjoy the moment and the mountains of Colorado. I ended up taking 2nd place. It was a great opportunity, and I would like to thank all my sponsors and Spartan for putting on such a great event. Thank you Inov-8 for the use of the X-Talon 190’s, Gnarly and Beetelite for helping me feel my best

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