Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Takes 1st in Utah's Spartan Race
Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Takes 1st in Utah's Spartan Race

Gnarly Athlete, Cody Moat, Takes 1st in Utah's Spartan Race

Cody’s 4 Reason’s for Taking 1st in Utah’s Spartan Race

I have 4 good reasons why this year’s Utah Spartan race was so successful.

#1 True Competition– I had the opportunity to race with a lot of exceptional athletes from all around the country. Most importantly, I raced with some of my great friends from right here in Utah.

#2 Focus– I ran a solid race and tried to focus on running my personal best instead of comparing myself with other athletes. I was also able to control my race pace early on and keep it under control when others were pushing the pace.

#3 Preparation– Spartan put together one of the best obstacle sections of the year, and I felt strong, capable, and confident. Most importantly, I was able to run a clean race.

#4 Support– Since this race was conveniently located in Utah, my family was there to support me and give me the encouragement I needed along the way. In addition, a bunch of my Millard High School track athletes took a bunch of time out of their day to come and cheer on an old coach! It was a good surprise to hear them cheering during the race, and I believe it made a difference. Thank you again for all the support.

Congratulations to Matt (the Bear) for a great race. I believe the Bear is getting faster every year! Also a great job to Ian Hosek for a nice 3rd place finish.

Once again I’d like to thank my sponsors. Spartan for a great course today and all they do for the Spartan team. Inov-8 for the shoes that carried me through (The X-Talon 190). And for Gnarly Nutrition and Beet Elite for the absolute best nutrition that fuels endless days of training and victories just like this one.

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