Gnarly Nutrition Partners with Women's Epic Race!
Gnarly Nutrition Partners with Women's Epic Race!

Gnarly Nutrition Partners with Women's Epic Race!

About the Partnership

Gnarly Nutrition is psyched to announce its partnership with Women’s Epic Race (WER), the first trail race in Utah created specifically for all levels of adventure-seeking women! And after just one season, WER has already doubled in size, giving even more women the opportunity to get outside and hit the trails! 

Gnarly’s partnership with WER means that all of the race’s attendees will be hydrated while on-course at Brian Head Resort in June and Brighton Resort in July.


The two upcoming races for summer 2022 will occur at Brian Head Resort in June and Brighton Resort in July. Gnarly will be providing Hydrate electrolyte mix at all aid stations along the courses. Every race participant will also be given a convenient single-serving stick pack of Gnarly’s Whey and Vegan Protein


WER at Brian Head is a 5.1 mile course with a gain of 1775 vertical feet. WER at Brighton is a 5.8 mile loop, gaining 2,200ft. We are expecting 500 participants per event, and a combination of both runners and hikers. Gnarly is proud to support this uplifting community of women and a race that donates a portion of every entry fee to a local nonprofit, No More Victims–dedicated to providing professional treatment and care for youth victims of sexual abuse. 


“Women’s Epic is stoked to be partnering with a brand that is dedicated to helping women perform with natural, straightforward ingredients. Gnarly Nutrition has been our go-to and we are thrilled to give the Women’s Epic community the opportunity to fuel up with Gnarly’s clean products while on the mountain. Women’s Epic attracts beginner-to-elite athletes of every age, from all over the country and it’s very important to us that we fuel the athletes at our event with the highest quality nutrition.” -Women's Epic Race 


Other supporters of Women’s Epic include Kodiak Cakes, On Running, GoPro, Garmin, KÜHL, Leki, Coach Rhandi, and Pit Viper.


About Gnarly Hydrate 


Gnarly Hydrate is the perfect choice for WER races since they are shorter in length (5 to 6 miles, respectively). Gnarly Hydrate is loaded with electrolytes and B vitamins, and is low on sugar - the perfect formulation to help runners push through to the finish line! 



Electrolytes are pivotal to athletic performance. Electrolytes, like sodium and magnesium, are critical for proper hydration, nerve function, muscle function and boyd pH.


A Little bit of Sugar

Too much sugar can interfere with, or actually sabotage, hydration. Howere, too little sugar can also interfere with electrolyte transport. Gnarly Hydrate has just enough sugar to effectively deliver electrolytes without causing gut rot. 


B Vitamins for a Boost 

Active individuals need more B vitamins for both energy metabolism and the production of red blood cells, including red blood cells. Gnarly Hydrate contains 5 B vitamins per serving! 



Gnarly Hydrate is light, refreshing and downright delicious. Plus it’s available in 3 amazing flavors - Orange Pineapple, Raspberry and Ruby Red Grapefruit - so you have options to help satisfy your thirst! 


For longer days…

Carbohydrates are your body's main energy source during moderate to high intensity exercise and fueling with carbs will help you perform your best while also preventing the dreaded ‘bonk’. 

The average person burns anywhere between 500-600 calories per hour when running.  For runs in this range, we typically have enough stored carbohydrates, in the form of glycogen, to fuel these efforts. It’s when we get into longer runs that we really need to focus on taking in extra calories.  It’s best to aim for 30-90g of carbohydrate per hour for runs lasting over 60 minutes.  That’s 120-360 calories from carbohydrates.  Where you fall in this range can be dependent on a number of factors, but as a rule, the longer your run is, the closer you should get to the upper end of this range. 


When exercising we need food that our body will digest and turn into energy quickly and this is where simple carbohydrates like glucose, sucrose and fructose come in.  These simple carbohydrates can come from sport nutrition products like gels, blocks or liquid nutrition like Gnarly’s Fuel2O, but they can also come from whole foods like potatoes, both fresh and dried fruit, and baked goods like fig newtons.


Gnarly Fuel2O was created with fueling, replenishment and recovery in mind. It’s the all-in-one, vegan-friendly solution to long days on the trails. Gnarly Fuel2O contains 100 calories, 250mg of sodium and 280mg of HMB per 12oz serving. Check out Gnarly’s Fuel2O product video to learn even more!

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