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Gnarly Nutrition Teams Up with Michaela North to Build a Fitness Program for Mothers
Gnarly Nutrition Teams Up with Michaela North to Build a Fitness Program for Mothers

Gnarly Nutrition Teams Up with Michaela North to Build a Fitness Program for Mothers

As a Division 1 track and field star, crossfit competitor, and mother of twins, Michaela North is as passionate about fitness as she is about being a mother. Michaela has just teamed up with Gnarly Nutrition, an all-natural, sports supplements company, to create a program to help mothers get back into shape.

The Gnarly Mama program is a day by day workout plan outlining fitness routines, meal plans, and delicious recipes for every day of the week. Michaela has used her own experience to design a realistic and empowering workout plan that leaves nothing to guess work.

In conjunction with Michaela’s tailored workout routine, Gnarly Nutrition is generously offering 15% off its all-natural, product line to all the mother’s starting the program. Michaela’s has built Gnarly products into the meal plans with an emphasis on Gnarly Slim, a delicious shake with absolutely no artificial ingredients, 10 grams of grass-fed whey per serving, and pre and probiotics to promote healthy digestion. In reference to Gnarly products, Michaela said, “As a mom and competitive crossfit athlete, what I put in my body is very important to me, and for that reason Gnarly is the only supplement I use.”

With motherhood as a top priority, Michaela also knows that taking care of herself and her body would benefit her whole family. This idea is one that Michaela wants to share with other mothers. As a perfect Gnarly Athlete candidate, Michaela has shed all excuses to get fit and Gnarly Nutrition is 100% behind her.

On creating the fitness program, Michaela said, “With three kids under 18 months old, I have learned so much about the demands that we face as mamas. To me, being healthy is a huge part of being a good mom, as I am able to take care of my kids so much better when I make sure to take care of myself. Eating right, and exercise are a huge part of that and that is why I have designed a nutrition and workout program that I feel moms can do with success.”

Gnarly Brand Manager, Eli Kerr, said, “We are so excited to have Michaela on the Gnarly Nutrition team. She is a living example of how a responsible mother can still train at an extraordinary level.” Using her knowledge as a trainer and her passion for nutrition, Michaela and Gnarly Nutrition are a perfect fit to help moms everywhere get back into shape.

Start the Program

The Gnarly Mama program has now been launched and is up and running at Head to Gnarly Mama to learn more about the program and to begin the fitness program today!

About Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural, sports nutrition products that don’t

just boost your performance, but taste great as well. Gnarly has designed nutrition for athletes and individuals who pay attention to what goes inside their bodies. Founded in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in 2012, Gnarly is a brand that prides itself in offering clean, honest nutrition that tastes as amazing as it’s ingredients. So, whether you’re hiking, biking, running, swimming, climbing, crossfitting, or challenging yourself in any other way, Gnarly was built to fuel you. For more info visit

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