4 Key Secrets To Adding Flavor Without Fat

As you move through your diet plan, it’s important to look at not only the foods that you are eating, but how you’re preparing those foods as well. If you are constantly using high fat and calorie cooking techniques or you are loading up your foods with high calorie condiments or sauces, you are making a big mistake and will pay the price when it comes to your health and body weight control.

This said, if you plan your diet out properly, you can easily prepare lower calorie, healthy items that will help you meet your nutritional needs – while keeping your taste buds satisfied.

Let’s go over three key secrets that will help you add more flavor without adding fat.

Utilize Spices And Fresh Herbs

First, one fast and easy way to liven up any dish is to simply add in some fresh
herbs and spices. This will help you instantly add flavor and many of these also offer
added health benefits.

For instance, using cinnamon can help to control blood glucose levels and using
garlic will boost your heart health.

These are all calorie free options to make your meal more exciting. Whenever
possible, buy fresh herbs for enhanced flavor.

Get Grilling

Next, consider grilling as your preparation method of choice. Grilling is great and
will really help to increase the natural flavor of foods, particularly vegetables. Red peppers, mushrooms, onions, and zucchini are all great on the grill, so give
them a try next time you’re barbequing a chicken breast.

You won’t even need to add anything to them, so it’s an ultra fast and easy, low
calorie but high nutrition side dish.

Try Vinegars And Marinades

Another way to add more flavor without the calories and fat is to try using vinegars
along with marinades.

Balsamic vinegar for instance offers a unique taste and doesn’t contain any calories
at all either. Preparing your own marinade using spices, Worcestershire sauce, and
a bit of low sodium soy sauce is also a great option for boosting the tenderness of
the meat you’re preparing while increasing the flavor.

Let your meat sit in the marinade overnight to really bring out the flavors and create
the perfect juicy steak or tender chicken breast.

Add Fruit

Finally, don’t overlook the possibility of simply adding some fruit to your main
course meals. When most people think of fruit, they think of snacks or dessert, but
fruit can work just as well in your entrees.

Try apples with pork, mandarin oranges or strawberries in a salad, or toss some
grapes into your rice pilaf.

With so many different options, you can add nutrition, antioxidants, and fiber to
your main dishes by going this route.

So don’t let yourself get bored with healthy eating any longer. Using these
techniques, you can easily increase the flavor without moving off your diet. If
anything, these will all boost your nutrition, moving closer to nutritional success.

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