Eli Kerr’s All-Natural Supplements Now Sold In Utah’s Whole Foods Stores
Eli Kerr’s All-Natural Supplements Now Sold In Utah’s Whole Foods Stores

Eli Kerr’s All-Natural Supplements Now Sold In Utah’s Whole Foods Stores

As of May of 2014, Gnarly Nutrition is now found in all 5 Whole Foods stores throughout Utah. Whole Foods Market and Gnarly Nutrition have the same passion for providing people with the highest quality ingredients, and, have, therefore, partnered to make the Gnarly brand more accessible to Whole Foods customers.

As a premier natural food retailer, Whole Foods was a perfect fit for Gnarly. Gnarly Nutrition started a completely all-natural and clean, sports supplement line including whey and vegan protein, meal replacements, pre-workout, and BCAA’s for health-conscience body-builders and adventurers alike. For its supplements, Gnarly Nutrition uses a grass-fed, all-natural protein – no hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients guaranteed. So, it just made sense to have the Gnarly brand on the shelves at Whole Foods.

Gnarly Nutrition’s Brand Manager, Eli Kerr stated, “Whole Foods stands for quality, and we stand for quality. Sounds like a perfect match to me.”

After several months of negotiations, Gnarly Nutrition is now proudly sitting on the shelves of Whole Foods in Utah. Gnarly’s all-natural products has never been so accessible to those that value clean, all-natural products.

About Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural, sports nutrition products that don’t just boost your performance, but taste great as well. Gnarly has designed nutrition for athletes and individuals who pay attention to what goes inside their bodies. Founded in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in 2012, Gnarly is a brand that prides itself in offering clean, honest nutrition that tastes as amazing as it’s ingredients. So, whether you’re hiking, biking, running, swimming, climbing, crossfitting, or challenging yourself in any other way, Gnarly was built to fuel you. For more info visit goGNARLY.com.

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