Hey Crossfit Groupies
Hey Crossfit Groupies

Hey Crossfit Groupies

I thought this post was pretty amusing from Josh Bobrowsky over at Integrated Fitness Crossfit. The title kinda says it all, “Don’t be a CrossFit A$#hole: 6 Tips to Be a Good CrossFitter.” Now, I love crossfit. It’s made me strong in ways I never thought I would ever be. But, just like any other sport or fitness click, it has it’s share of groupies who just won’t stop living, breathing, eating and, most annoyingly, talking about it even after they’ve left their local box.

Check out the post and see if you agree. I’ve been pretty lucky to have a diverse group of friends who enjoy quite a few different sports and activities. When I first started crossfit, I was definitely a little zealous about my new found passion. That’s expected, right? So as soon as I started replacing chit chat with my friends with news about my latest progress on muscle ups, they let me know. I learned the error of my ways quickly and since then, I’ve toned down my talk of the morning’s WOD with my non crossfit co-workers and friends. If I just described you a little bit, consider Josh’s post a sort of intervention. Then think about how good a chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothie would be with some Chiseled Chocolate Gnarly Whey!

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