How to Stay Hydrated as an Active Mom
How to Stay Hydrated as an Active Mom

How to Stay Hydrated as an Active Mom

As a mom my life can be pretty hectic at times. I’m usually juggling lots of things, feeding my family, keeping the house from looking like we got robbed or a natural disaster hit (3 toddlers), refereeing play time, battling the laundry, potty times, diaper changes, soothing “owies”, story time, snuggles, grocery shopping, cooking dinner, being an attentive wife, and getting myself to the gym for a workout. Those are just some of the highlights, but you get the idea, moms are busy!

Now, I am also an athlete and am trying to optimize my performance at the gym, so staying hydrated is super important to me. Sometimes, however, I’m not the best at remembering to drink the water I need to ensure that I am. Thankfully I can use Gnarly Hydrate to fuel my workouts and give me energy for all of the other mom responsibilities I’ve gotta handle everyday.

Gnarly Hydrate keeps me hydrated so I can focus, it gives me electrolytes I need plus 72 trace minerals to make sure I’m staying hydrated during my workouts. Staying hydrated during exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost performance, and obviously we all want to do that (athletes or not). Better performance at the gym equals better results.

For an athlete, and mom, the ability to process food into energy with ease is important. Hydrate includes B6, B2, B3 and B12 which ensure that my body is able to retain the ability to metabolize energy stores for fuel (not fat storage).

By including 72 trace minerals to Hydrate, my health and well-being are encouraged as well. That’s super important to me as a mama because I swear we are exposed to everything! Like all Gnarly products, Hydrate is made with all-natural ingredients/sweeteners/colors/flavors and is non-GMO. So when my kids steal my water bottle (always happens), I don’t stress out about it.

Mom life is hard, and trying to stay on top of hydration can be a challenge sometimes. I love Gnarly Hydrate because I know that that’s something I never have to worry about anymore. I can tackle my workouts, and still have energy for the demands of motherhood. Anything that makes my life a little easier these days, is something I get excited about. Gnarly Hydrate is definitely that.

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