Introducing Gnarly Athlete Seante Williams
Introducing Gnarly Athlete Seante Williams

Introducing Gnarly Athlete Seante Williams

One of our newest athletes here at Gnarly Nutrition is Seante Williams. He’s 6’7”, 260 lbs and has an 84” reach. In short, he’s a big guy. Originally from Pensacola, Florida, He now lives and trains out of Salt Lake City, Utah. Seante was lucky enough to go pro in two sports. Being raised in the South, football was a way of life for Seante, “We were raised to train hard in football -there was no room for the weak”. He lived obsessively with this concept of training -go hard or go home. Eventually, his hard work and discipline allowed him to play college football at Southern Miss, Jacksonville State. Later, his work ethic helped him achieve his goal of making it to the NFL as a defensive end for the Green Bay Packards and Jacksonville Jaguars. Playing football has also allowed Seante to travel around the world -he’s played with the AFL, CFL and NFL Europe. Being exposed to different training techniques from around the world has helped him in his second sport…

At 32, Seante has turned pro in MMA fighting, “I’m a heavyweight, I love it. There is nothing more intense than being locked in a cage with another man to battle it out.”

Currently training at the Pit Elevated in Salt Lake City with what he calls “some of the best coaches and teammates in the sport”, Seante won his first pro fight by TKO, “My kicks and knees are rib breakers.”

His specialties are kickboxing, boxing and striking. “I train hard to be well rounded on my feet or on the ground.” And with the goal of making it to the UFC set firmly in his mind, Seante admits, “I train harder than I ever did in the NFL.” Pretty impressive considering his already stellar work ethic.

Seante’s favorite Gnarly products

I LOVE the Whey protein. I’m lactose intolerant so finding a protein that works for me is hard. It’s grass fed and super clean. It’s also easy to make on the go, it dissolves real good. It’s the only protein I know that I can mix with water and still taste like it’s mixed with milk. I’ve noticed It helps me recover faster then most proteins, which is really important with the intense training I put my body through.

Feast is another one that I like alot, its a good meal replacement. I burn extra calories with my intense training and iIt fuels my body with all the vitamins and antioxidants I need to perform at the level necessary for my intense MMA training.

I’m a fan of Boost because it keeps me hydrated all day. I work a day job that is hard on my body, then I train 3-4 hours right after work. I can carry around boost and shoot a couple of squirts in my water and stay hydrated without resorting to drinking sugary sports drinks. It’s a natural way to stay hydrated.

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