My Road to Recovery
My Road to Recovery

My Road to Recovery

A few weeks ago I had a medical emergency and they found out I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy and critical internal bleeding. I went through a pretty intense surgery losing one of my tubes. After surgery, I had to spend several weeks focusing solely on recovering and taking it easy, doctor’s orders.

When I left the hospital I was thankful to be alive. And I’ve been trying to digest how this event affects me as a woman and as a climber.


Climbing is my passion and I can’t deny it feels really frustrating to be training so hard in preparation for Fall season and then not being able to get out of the bed without assistance.

I thought about all the people who also go through injury, accidents and even long periods of time where work doesn’t allow them to train. And they eventually want to go back to their sport but they might feel like it is too hard of a challenge, too late or maybe they just don’t have the motivation to get back into it. I see many strong climbers all over social media, following very regimented training protocols, working on their projects, and succeeding and pushing a very “ideal” possible. I have been there, it is one face of climbing that makes sense to be displayed. However, I haven’t seen much of what happens behind the scenes while a climber returns to their sport after injury.
Gnarly is a supplement brand that promotes recovery and my scenario is an ideal example to portray part of this process.
As a climbing athlete I want to be transparent showing all faces of the sport and represent Gnarly as the supplement that goes with me in both, when I am at my peak and when I make a comeback. These moments are very hard already so it feels reassuring to know I have the support and fuel to get back at it. I believe strongly that a recovery story is a compelling one that needs to be heard.

Weeks 1 & 2

By the end of the first week of recovery I am able to walk on my own, get out of the bed and go up and downstairs without assistance. After this week, I am planning to start moving around more and ease into climbing until I get back to full strength.

Week 3

recovery like debbie

Week 4


Week 5

Week 6

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