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Pregnancy Pull-ups? 5 Woman CrossFitters Stand Out Above The Rest

This article was passed on to me from Boxlife magazine’s website and I thought it was so cool I had to share it. Five female crossfit athletes talk about what it takes to be pregnant and still continue to train in the sport they love.

I’m a crossfitter and I have to say, I couldn’t imaging the determination and sheer strength these women pose to keep such a demanding training schedule while they’re pregnant. It blows my mind. I like the article (linked above) because it lets the women talk for themselves and really give you an idea of the balance they need in their lives to keep their commitment to fitness and stay healthy. Some of them are moms already. The ladies talk about the not-so-great days, being uncomfortable, and realizing that their priorities are going to shift once the new bundles of joy arrive.

I have to give a shout out to Sara Spealler and Natalie Groenenboom for representing Gnarly’s hometown of Utah pretty damn well. Sara is the wife of Chris Spealler, a CrossFit Games Champion. It’s cool to see that staying healthy and being committed to a sport runs in the family! Kinda seems like that fits the CrossFit MO; I don’t think I’ve met anyone in this sport that doesn’t have what can only be described as a family bond with their box, their fellow athletes, and with the sport in general. Makes me proud to serve ‘em up some solid recovery protein.

Photo: Sara Spealler courtesy Boxlife Magazine

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