Rising Star for Real Salt Lake Soccer, Devon Sandoval, Is Gnarly Nutrition’s Newest Athlete
Rising Star for Real Salt Lake Soccer, Devon Sandoval, Is Gnarly Nutrition’s Newest Athlete

Rising Star for Real Salt Lake Soccer, Devon Sandoval, Is Gnarly Nutrition’s Newest Athlete

Bringing Natural Talent Coupled With Relentless Determination, Devon Sandoval Is A Great Fit For Gnarly.

July 20th, 2014

Drafted 29th overall by Real Salt Lake, Devon Sandoval’s rookie year was full of professional highlights including a goal against New England Revolution and scoring 3 goals in the US Open Cup. After such a successful year, Devon became tied for the all-time leader in goals for RSL in the Open Cup.

During the Western Conference finals of the same year, Devon sustained an injury that made it impossible for him to play during the start of his second year. After missing the first four games of the season, Devon helped bring RSL the win against Colorado, but struggled to fully contribute to his team. As a result, Devon was loaned out to the Carolina Railhawks where you played 5 games and scored 3 goals to finish off his second year.

Despite his injury, Devon has worked hard to overcome career setbacks, shed excuses, and improve himself as a team member; something that Gnarly Nutrition looks for in all of their athletes. Gnarly Brand Manager, Eli Kerr, said, “He is a phenomenal soccer player, athlete and person – a perfect fit for our team. He recognizes that what he puts into his body directly affects his play on and off the field.”

Gnarly Nutrition is proud to announce Devon Sandoval as their newest Gnarly athlete. On Devon joining the team, Gnarly’s Eli Kerr, said “Personally, I love having a soccer player on the Gnarly team from our local soccer team, RSL, here in Salt Lake City.” Devon represents their brand well and Gnarly Nutrition can not wait to fuel Devon’s next game-winning goal in the upcoming season.

When asked about why he joined the Gnarly Nutrition team, Devon stated, “The products Gnarly produces are world class, it does not get any better when it comes to quality of ingredients. It is important that I fuel my body properly and Gnarly products give my body exactly what I need to perform and recover!”

Upon joining the Gnarly team, Devon said, “I am honored to join the Gnarly team, there are so many great athletes that compete in many different sports and I am humbled to represent Gnarly alongside them.”

Learn More About Devon

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