Should I Bring Supplements Into My Box?
Should I Bring Supplements Into My Box?

Should I Bring Supplements Into My Box?

While every affiliate box may sell their version of a branded t-shirt, hoodie and hat, most don’t have an established retail space for things like shoes, technical apparel, foam rollers and, of course, supplements. But boxes are beginning to catch on to the possibilities of what creating a small retail space can do for their business –and the positive impact it could have on the their members.

Because we’re a supplement provider, let’s focus on what bringing in nutrition can mean to your business. Here are three of the strongest arguments for opening up your box to a supplement you trust.

Offer more to your box
First, realize that the majority of your members are using some kind of supplement. But are they using a supplement that you would encourage them to use? While training at your box, you direct them on their lifting techniques and whole food nutrition. Finding a supplement company that likes and supports your culture, philosophy and the nutrition needs of your box will only show your clients that you offer that much more than just a tough WOD and a pat on the back. It will help distinguish you and your box in a market that is getting more and more popular everyday. Moreover, If they are using a product that you know works well, then it’s probably helping them see better results. Your clients will be more satisfied with their experience which builds loyalty to you and your box.

If they’re buying, it should be from you
Next, Your box members are a captive audience, and that captive audience is currently purchasing their supplements from another source. From a business perspective, there is potentially thousands of dollars in revenue walking out the door each time a member buys supplements from someone else. What would it do for your box to keep that revenue in house?

Create value, convenience and community
Finally, by creating a retail space in your box and then stocking it with good product, you have immediate access to supplements that you and your members like. How many times have you told a member about a great product that they’ll have to drive across town to get? It’s a hassle! By having that product right in your gym, you’re really building convenience. Help your members solve the problem of what to buy and where to go. You’ll also be able to get pricing for the supplements at wholesale as well as develop a relationship with the supplement company to provide you with product for competitions, contests and other incentives. All this adds a sense of community and fun to a place you want to feel as welcoming as possible.

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