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The New Gnarly PRE Workout

We’ve had a lot of amazing feedback on the Maximus PRE, and want to announce that we’re making some improvements to the formula and bringing it into the Gnarly product line permanently. The new formula will launch at the beginning of May, so we’ll go through a period when we’ll be out of pre-workout and we’re sorry about that BUT we think you’ll be psyched about the new formula!

What changes can you expect in the Gnarly PRE? Read below.

What to Expect.

More beta alanine

Most pre-workouts contain less than 1.6g of beta alanine. The reason for this is beta alanine, although super effective at increasing muscular endurance, beta alanine causes what’s known as paresthesia which is a tingling or prickling sensation in your head, hands or feet. You may have experienced this while taking Maximus PRE. This feeling can be unbearable at high doses of beta alanine. Now, at Gnarly, we are combining Sustained Release Carnosyn Beta Alanine with regular Carnosyn Beta Alanine allowing a more effective dosage without the discomfort you would normally feel. What does this mean for you? More endurance, less fatigue, better performance.

More Leucine per serving – Leucine, the powerhouse branched chain amino acid, helps to reduce muscle soreness and trigger muscle protein synthesis. We’ve increased the leucine from 1.5g/serving to 2.0g/serving in our new formula – providing an effective dose that will help with both recovery and strength.

Removed Glutamine – While glutamine may have a positive influence on muscle recovery, immune function and gut health, research supports supplementing with glutamine post workout to realize the full benefits. Look for glutamine as part of your recovery nutrition in Gnarly protein products.

Better Flavor – You didn’t like the flavor and we listened. Flavoring pre-workouts naturally is challenging, but we’ve nailed it with our new flavor. We’re sure you’ll love it

SO, we’ll be out of our PRE for another month, but think of the gap as time to prepare yourself for what’s coming in May! It’ll be worth the wait.

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