Ultra-Runner, Jennilyn Eaton, is Gnarly Nutrition's  New Athlete
Ultra-Runner, Jennilyn Eaton, is Gnarly Nutrition's  New Athlete

Ultra-Runner, Jennilyn Eaton, is Gnarly Nutrition's New Athlete

From dedicated rock climber to ultra-runner, Jennilyn Eaton has joined the Gnarly Nutrition team as one of their sponsored athletes. Building off of her rock-climbing background, this mother and extreme trail-runner spends countless hours researching her routes on maps and on the web. Jennilyn kills it in races, but spends far more time chasing FKT’s and running in the backcountry of Utah with her friends. Her happy place consists of running ultra-length mountain and adventure trails in the Wasatch and Southern Utah.

Based in Utah themselves, Gnarly Nutrition quickly discovered Jennilyn and immediately wanted her to join the Gnarly Team. Jennilyn exhibits the qualities of a true Gnarly Athlete, with her ability to seek out endless adventures, push herself, and shed any excuses to complete her goals.

Brand Manager, Eli Kerr, said, “We are so excited to have Jennilyn on board. She embodies the culture of Gnarly. Being a mom of two boys as well as working, she has plenty of normal excuses to keep her from accomplishing her goals and dreams. But she never makes an excuse. She busts her butt on the daily to give her all to her family as well as to running. She has set numerous records in women’s running as well as broken a few men’s records along the way. We are grateful to call her one of our own.”

Jennilyn is fully in line with the Gnarly Nutrition philosophy and said, “One of my favorite things about the Gnarly Nutrition brand is how it embraces getting things done. Weight lifting, running, and overall health aren’t easy habits or lifestyles. Neither is life sometimes! But I love the “Shed Excuses” attitude of accomplishing things regardless of circumstances. At some level we all have things to overcome, and the Gnarly Team is there encouraging us to pursue dreams and overcome the excuses and limitations that will come up.”

Learn More About Jennilyn

Want to know more about Jennilyn, her favorite Gnarly products, and future goals? Head over to Jennilyn’s Athlete page to see what Jennilyn and the Gnarly Nutrition Team are up to!

About Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural, sports nutrition products that don’t just boost your performance, but taste great as well. Gnarly has designed nutrition for athletes and individuals who pay attention to what goes inside their bodies. Founded in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in 2012, Gnarly is a brand that prides itself in offering clean, honest nutrition that tastes as amazing as it’s ingredients. So, whether you’re hiking, biking, running, swimming, climbing, crossfitting, or challenging yourself in any other way, Gnarly was built to fuel you. For more info visit goGNARLY.com.

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