USA Climbing’s Olympic Hopefuls Utilize Gnarly Nutrition to Fuel Their Quest for Gold
USA Climbing’s Olympic Hopefuls Utilize Gnarly Nutrition to Fuel Their Quest for Gold

USA Climbing’s Olympic Hopefuls Utilize Gnarly Nutrition to Fuel Their Quest for Gold

Salt Lake City, Utah (October 01, 2019) — USA Climbing (USAC) today announced its partnership with Gnarly Nutrition to provide sports nutrition supplements for the organization’s athletes—including the group’s Olympic hopefuls training for next summer’s games in Tokyo.

“Working with the team at Gnarly to fulfill our athlete’s needs led us to choose them over other providers,” says Marc Norman, USA Climbing Chief Executive Officer. “Our partnership with Gnarly shows our commitment to providing our athletes with every available tool to make them the best in the world. This commitment to high performance climbing is truly a giant step forward for USA Climbing and it’s extremely talented athletes. This partnership also provides an incredible opportunity to educate our youth climbers on the proper use of nutritional supplements based on their age and specific needs.”

Norman is also excited to work with Gnarly because of the brand’s goal of becoming NSF International Certified for Sport® by 2020.

NSF International, the accredited American certification body that offers independent, third-party tests to certify products meet public health and safety standards, also created the Certified for Sport® program to ensure that sports nutrition product’s labels accurately describe what is found in the product—and that the product does not contain unsafe levels of contaminants, prohibited substances, or masking agents.

“We know they have the athlete’s best interest in mind and we look forward to Gnarly introducing NSF Certified for Sport products that show our athletes Gnarly’s commitment to clean sport,“ Norman explained.

“Nutrition is more and more important for athletes as the level of performance rises,” says John Muse, High Performance Director. “Adequate training and nutrition are hard to manage with all the travel that US athletes have to endure over the course of the World Cup season. Having something trustworthy like Gnarly Nutrition on-hand is huge for athletes trying to perform at their best.”

Two time World Cup gold medalist, five-time National Champion, and USAC athlete Alex Johnson is glad to have Gnarly on board as she prepares for Tokyo, “It’s great that USA Climbing sees the value and importance of nutrition, and that they’re partnering with a brand that cares immensely about their products and the athletes.”

Shannon O’Grady, Ph.D., Gnarly’s Chief Product Officer expanded on Gnarly’s goal of offering transparent, research and science-based products, “We’re not product pushers and we certainly aren’t a magic pill for superhuman performance. We’re part of an equation that also involves hard work and dedication.”

O’Grady also shared what she sees as Gnarly’s role in their partnership with USAC. ”Gnarly Nutrition is more than a sports supplement brand; education of our customers and athletes is a huge part of the Gnarly mission. USAC isn’t just getting a sponsor, they’re getting a partner that wants to take USA Climbing to the next level.”

Eli Kerr, Gnarly’s CEO, sees his company’s role in a similar light. “We are huge advocates of Nutrition education. We see a gap in performance and recovery nutrition in the climbing world and we are going to continue to provide as much education as possible to fill that gap. We want every climber to understand how to use products like ours and what the benefits are. Further, we want to inspire each athlete to unlock and reach their full potential. We believe that nutrition is one of the keys to unlocking that potential.”

Kerr also expressed his excitement in working with USAC as they gear up for an Olympic run. “Working with an organization of this caliber doing such progressive work in the climbing industry is right where Gnarly Nutrition wants to be. We are very excited!”

About Gnarly Nutrition

Optimized to be clean, effective, and great tasting, Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of science-backed sports nutrition products free of hormones, GMOs, antibiotics, or anything artificial. Born in the Wasatch Mountains, Gnarly is committed to educating and inspiring athletes at all levels to want more, do more, and be more. From pre-workout hydration to protein-based meal replacement and branch chain amino acids, Gnarly products provide the essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to fuel the engine that drives every athlete. For more information on Gnarly, please visit, and follow us on Instagram at @GnarlyNutrition.

About USA Climbing

USA Climbing is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee as the National Governing Body for the sport of competition climbing. The organization manages the disciplines of Bouldering, Speed and Sport climbing as well as the Collegiate and Adaptive series. USA Climbing, a member federation of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC), also hosts IFSC World Cup events and sends athletes to participate in the IFSC’s World Cup circuit and the World Climbing and Paraclimbing Championships. For more information, please contact Zachary Brinchi, Marketing & Communications Manager at, or visit

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