What's In Each Tub of Gnarly Whey?
What's In Each Tub of Gnarly Whey?

What's In Each Tub of Gnarly Whey?

Buying supplements these days is a tricky business. For several years now, consumers have been cautioned by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that supplements do not always contain what the label promises. Many products have been pulled off the shelves for this very violation. In an effort to increase consumer awareness, the FDA has maintained a database of tainted supplements –a list of products that contain ingredients that aren’t listed on the label.

The situation received a lot more attention in early 2015 when it was revealed that herbal supplements from top, national retailers did not actually provide their advertised contents. While these findings have been challenged by the merchants and industry groups, the report still raised a lot of concerns among consumers.

It’s in this environment that Gnarly proudly states, “What’s on our tub is what’s in our tub.” This is Gnarly’s reassurance to you that, according to third-party laboratory testing, you are going to get exactly what you expect out of their products.

So, then, what exactly is in each tub of Gnarly Whey?

Grass-Fed Whey

Gnarly whey protein is sourced from New Zealand, organic, grass-fed cattle which creates an all-around superior product for many reasons.

First, this grass-fed whey is a clean protein powder that is totally free of the hormones, antibiotics and GMOs that tend to riddle the modern food supply. Beyond being squeaky clean, Gnarly whey tastes better and is more readily absorbed by your body – giving it the ability to impact your system more quickly.

There’s also some research that shows that grass-fed whey is nutritionally better than more conventional options. A large-scale 2013 study reported that milk and – by extension – whey from grass-fed cattle has higher levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) than other versions of the same products.

Natural Sweeteners and Flavors

Along with the whey protein in each Gnarly tub, there are also a few other ingredients – but these are not what you what you would typically see from whey products. Sweeteners include stevia, monk fruit and erythritol, all of which have a low glycemic index – meaning that they will not have a large impact on your blood sugar levels.

The flavorings used in Gnarly Whey are similarly natural products, chosen for both their taste and overall goodness.

Digestive Boost

Just to make sure that your body is able to fully absorb and use all of that clean protein, Gnarly has included a Full-on Absorption Blend made up of pre- and probiotics. Other enzymes are also thrown in to help you break down the whey protein.

Gnarly Whey also contains black pepper extract, in the form of Bioperine, which has some interesting effects on other substances. While black pepper extract doesn’t do much on it’s own, it has demonstrated the ability to improve absorption of other supplements – like whey protein, for example.

When you look at the label on a tub of Gnarly Whey, you’re likely going to see a few ingredients we didn’t directly address here. These are natural, quality flavoring and thickening agents – there is no artificial junk in there. Again, you can be confident that all of these claims are backed by independent laboratory testing. To learn more about Gnarly Whey, take a quick look at the product page.

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