Breadwinner Cycles, Trust Us, They’re Gnarly.

Let’s talk about why Breadwinner Cycles, a new boutique bike manufacturer headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is so awesome. I’m a big fan of homegrown, indie bike builders because you get way more soul and character crafted into the frames than the bigger manufacturers. Plus, you’re rolling around on something that is truly one of a kind –in most cases, you know the first names of who built your frame, and you have the luxury of knowing your bike was built specifically for you (like a fine italian suit). In the case of Breadwinner, Tony Pereira and Ira Ryan are building classic, steel (because steel is real, yo!) frames that are TIG-welded to an absolutely beautiful finish. The best part, besides being able to get your butt on one of their sweet frames (I’ve been eyeing the Hole Shot) in just eight weeks and in the color of your choice, is that they’re made right here in the US!

Breadwinner does it right. They’ve got a classic, simple approach to their designs and their build process –and that’s something Gnarly can get behind. These frames are made out of 100% passion, dedication and honest to goodness real function. Just like Gnarly. How can you not love a bike company whose motto is “Work hard, Ride home.”? These guys are the real deal. Check out a little video of Breadwinner bikes in action here.

Joel P

Joel P

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