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Cooking with Gnarly Nutrition and RISE Brewing

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About the brands

Gnarly exists to create the highest quality sports nutrition products for all levels of performance. Nutrition that helps push through the failure, amplify grit, and celebrate messy triumphs. At Gnarly, we grow by pushing what's possible.
RISE was created because its founders were tired of the coffee products on the market - loaded with sugar and harmful ingredients. RISE's mission is to create the best tasting organic products on the planet and make them available for all to share.

Not vegan? No problem!
Swap Gnarly Vegan for Gnarly Whey in these recipes. Use code GNARLYRISE for 15% off a can of protein!

Meet the chef

Karen Williams (@grittygourmet) is a freelance writer and outdoor food blogger based in Colorado. After being introduced to climbing during her 200 HR yoga teacher training in 2017, she's been obsessed with how the mind-body connection affects athletic performance. When she's not climbing splitters in the Utah desert, you can find her whipping up new plant-based recipes for her blog, Gritty Gourmet.