Fuel for Life

Gnarly Nutrition's original film series pulls back the curtain on four athletes' athletic pursuits and reveals the underlying values and motivations behind their sports.

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Go behind the scenes with
each athlete and the filmmakers

Blake Hansen

"Blake is the bravest person I know. She is confident in who she is but isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. I would say that didn’t always come the most natural to her, but she’s put in the work to get there."

Trevor Fuchs

"When I’m running I can dive into all the challenges or ideas I’ve been presented or have, or words I’m trying to get out – anything like that I can really just get inside my head and have more time to think."

Sam Elias

"Balance isn’t two-dimensional, like a line. It’s more like a three-dimensional sphere. It’s about bringing the extremes of any two opposites closer together."

Alvin Garcia

"The fact that DACA is basically a subscription that can expire at any time has pushed me to appreciate what I do have in my community."

Fuel for Life: Blake Hansen

Blake Hansen is a gravity-fed, speed-loving mountain biker. Out of Utah, she is a seasoned desert rider and enduro racer. She’s known for being pretty fast around the western US and has made many appearances in catalogs and brand videos. With a recent invite to dig at Red Bull Formation and develop her freeride game, she is an up-and-coming rider proving to be someone to watch for. “Fuel for Life: Blake Hansen,” a Gnarly Original film created by Katie Bennett, uncovers Blake’s relationship with bikes and her own acceptance of her role in the mountain bike community.
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Fuel for Life: Trevor Fuchs

Ultrarunner Trevor Fuchs dreamt of becoming a professional athlete when he was a child. Now 39, Trevor is an accomplished plant-based ultrarunner, having won the Wasatch 100 twice, winning the Hurt 100 in 2020 and setting a new FKT on Moab’s White Rim in November 2020, among other accomplishments. “Fuel for Life: Trevor Fuchs,” a film directed by Cam McLeod, illuminates Trevor’s personal reflection on the “why” behind his running career.
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Fuel for Life: Sam Elias

Sam Elias was born and raised around Detroit. His father immigrated from Syria, and his mother is Polish-American. Sam is a skilled all-around mountain athlete. ince starting climbing after college in 2005, he has climbed Everest, Yosemite big walls and hard, technical trad, sport and ice climbs, and won the Ouray Ice Climbing comp in 2019. “Fuel for Life: Sam Elias,” a film by Mike Call, features a modified version of Sam’s poem, “Kindling,” and explores the idea spectrum of fuel in various forms, extending into the abstract beyond just food or liquid energy.
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Fuel for Life: Alvin Garcia

Born in Guatemala City, DACA recipient Alvin Garcia migrated with his family to the United States in the late ‘90s. Now residing in Salt Lake City, Alvin is a routesetter at The Front Climbing Club and spends his free time climbing, running and cycling … usually with a few friends by his side. “Fuel for Life: Alvin Garcia,” a film by Tommy Chandler, explores community as a foundation in Alvin’s life, and in all of his pursuits.
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