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We’re Dropping Some Heat with Dylan Bowman

There’s a huge amount of variation in the amount of sodium that athletes lose in sweat and our new Fuel 2O Orange Drank addresses this directly with 500mg sodium/12oz serving. Gnarly Orange Drank provides easy to digest carbs, HMB to kickstart recovery and now a higher amount of sodium for saltier sweaters.

Fuel 20 Orange Drank

Do you remember from your childhood those handheld plastic barrels with the aluminum pull tops that came in the flavors like red, purple, and orange drank? We are bringing back the Orange Drank flavor from your childhood, but without the high fructose corn syrup or the skinned knees from wrecking your bike. It’s a delicious blend of tangy salted citrus. The amount of sodium you lose when you sweat can vary greatly (from 200-1100 mg/lb of sweat). Meaning the harder you workout and the more you sweat, the faster your salt levels will be depleted. Orange Drank is specially formulated with 500mg of sodium per serving for those of us that may be on that saltier side, like D-BO.
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