Save your scoops!

We’re phasing out scoops starting May 3, 2024. Plastic sucks. We're ditching our scoops for the sake of Mother Nature. See our FAQ at the bottom of the page for kitchen equivalent measurements
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We know it’s a little inconvenient, but it was far more inconvenient to Mother Nature. And besides, we’re pretty sure you’ll have a spoon laying around—just about any will do. Now, if you simply cannot imagine life without one of our scoops, you have two options.


2. We’ll be offering scoops for $1. If you decide to buy, we’ll donate 100% of that buck to the Surfrider Foundation.

RIP little scoops. We’ll miss you.

F*ck Plastic

Sustainability is a core value of ours, and this is another step towards our goals. In 2020, we moved most of our products from plastic tubs to metal cans. This not only turned our products into little steel drums, but also saved an estimated 39,000lbs of plastic. That’s 234 Rocky 3 Rockys worth of plastic. Losing the scoops will save another 28,000lbs (167 Rockys) of plastic per year. It’s a no brainer for our Mama Earth.

Starting May 3rd, we’ll begin phasing them out.

Still wanna buy that scoop!

We got you.