Gnarly Performance Greens

Gnarly Performance Greens is whole food nutrition for active individuals.  We’ve included effective doses of ingredients like:
  • Beetroot and tart cherry to support blood flow
  • Cordyceps for energy
  • Turmeric and vegan DHA to optimize recovery.  
  • Additionally, with a range of organic superfoods, including cracked cell wall chlorella and spirulina, you’ll be giving your body all the micronutrients it needs to perform and recover optimally.  
What you won’t find in our product are proprietary blends. With Gnarly Performance Greens, you can expect full transparency when it comes to the ingredients we use and how much of each is in our product, we also guarantee the great taste you’ve come to expect from Gnarly and like all of our products, Performance Greens is free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners and contains no GMOs, gluten or soy. To learn more about Gnarly Performance Greens, read this article.
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Greens Benefits

GMO Free

Gluten Free

No Soy



No fake stuff. Stay Gnarly.

The Gnarly Difference

easy to digest carbs

Gnarly Fuel2O contains 100 calories per 12 oz serving from sucrose and dextrose, two carbs that are easy to digest during big endurance efforts.  Research supports that using a combination of sucrose and dextrose increases carbohydrate absorption during exercise more than when a single carbohydrate, like dextrose, is consumed alone.  Increased carbohydrate absorption also means improved fluid delivery and better hydration.  WIN WIN!

full spectrum electrolytes

Gnarly Fuel2O replaces the electrolytes you lose when you sweat, supplying 250mg of sodium per serving as well as the electrolytes chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

hmb for recovery

HMB is a metabolite of the branched chain amino acid leucine, which helps to minimize muscle protein breakdown, resulting in a faster turnaround between hard training sessions and races.

easy to drink flavors

Gnarly Fuel2O is available in two caffeine-free flavors – Tropical & Limeade – and one caffeinated flavor – Cherry Cola, that are light on flavor, and delicious. 

We formulate products for athletes and our Performance Greens are no exception!

Gnarly Everyday products are great to take every day no matter what your exercise routine is.

2B CFU/Serving
Artificial flavors or colors
Omega 3's
Mix 1 scoop into 12-16 oz of water

Nutrition facts

Gnarly Performance Greens Blueberry Acai

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Gnarly Performance Greens Lemon Lime

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