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Power Climbing

Bouldering and sport climbing both require dynamic and powerful movements that tap into the muscular power and power endurance energy systems often with minimal rest. The Gnarly Power Climbing Stack includes products that provide energy and focus, support muscular power production and ensure proper recovery between problems.

Endurance Climbing

Comparatively, multi-pitch climbing routes require more endurance and less high intensity power than bouldering and/or sport climbing and thus we’ve added Gnarly Hydrate and removed Pump, our creatine supplement, from the Gnarly Endurance Climbing Stack.

Climbing Endurance Stack

Climbing Endurance Stack

$163.80 $131.04

Climbing Power Stack

Climbing Power Stack

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As a professional climber, I’ve dedicated myself to traveling the world in search of lines that are both beautiful and physically demanding. I prepare for these lines by committing to 6-week training plans that range anywhere from deadlifts to deadhangs. I push myself to the limit during these sessions; I have to, in order to push myself on the wall. Gnarly Nutrition has played a huge role in my training over the past few years because without clean protein and BCAA’s I wouldn’t be able to go 100% and get the recovery I need to continue the next day. My climbing has improved every year, and so has the intensity of my training. Gnarly Nutrition allows me not only to keep up with my own improvement, but to help me surpass it with every cycle.

Nina Williams

Professional Climber
Nina Williams

Samuel Elias

I supplement with things that I've found work with my body, and that noticeably change the way I feel for the better; Gnarly products do this for me.

Daniel Woods

Some benefits I have noticed include better endurance, clearer thinking, less anxiety and more focus.

Anna Pfaff

These products rapidly increase my recovery times and allow me to maintain lean muscle mass while pushing my body to the limits.