Backcountry Skiing Icon and Muscle Driver Athlete, Noah Howell, has Teamed Up With Gnarly Nutrition

Noah’s passion is backcountry skiing, and he finds the biggest slopes for the most daring descents. Each and every day he heads out to find his next adventure, and in the summer he is constantly training and gearing up for the next round of winter snow. When he is not in the backcountry, Noah supports his passion by filming and marketing ski movies for Powderwhore Productions. Noah’s adventures make for a ski movie experience like no other.

In just one year, Noah complete all 90 descents in Andrew McLean’s “Chuting Gallery”, he has skied the Orient Express on the Denali, and has first descents in Svalbard, Antarctica. In addition to these impressive feats, Noah was named one of “50 Icon’s of Backcountry Skiing” by Backcountry Magazine. If there is a ski descent that has not been done, Noah will find it.

For these many reasons, Gnarly Nutrition gladly welcomes Noah Howell on to the Gnarly Team as its newest member. On having Noah as a Gnarly Ambassador, Brand Manager, Eli Kerr, stated, “We are stoked to have Noah Howell on the team of Gnarly athletes. Noah has been pushing into the backcountry and ski mountaineering for years now. As I have seen his emphasis on fitness, strength and mental fortitude increase, he has done gnarlier and gnarlier things. It’s been inspiring to watch.”

Noah on joining the Gnarly Team, “It’s cool to be working with a local brand that’s dedicated to healthy nutrition. I’m excited to feed my inner beast the best stuff on the planet, so I can become super human and devour mountains.”

Learn More About Noah

Want to know more about Noah, his favorite Gnarly products, and future goals? Head over to Noah’s Athlete page at

About Gnarly Nutrition

Gnarly Nutrition offers a full line of all-natural, sports nutrition products that don’tjust boost your performance, but taste great as well. Gnarly has designed nutrition for athletes and individuals who pay attention to what goes inside their bodies. Founded in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains of Utah in 2012, Gnarly is a brand that prides itself in offering clean, honest nutrition that tastes as amazing as it’s ingredients. So, whether you’re hiking, biking, running, swimming, climbing, crossfitting, or challenging yourself in any other way, Gnarly was built to fuel you. For more info visit

Eli Kerr

Eli Kerr

My three greatest priorities in life currently are the following in order: 1) Being a father and co-parent to four beautiful and remarkable children. 2) Being a friend, lover, and support to my sweet partner, Hala. 3) Leading and managing the company that I helped start eight years ago called Gnarly Nutrition.

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