Reflections on Outdoor Diversity, with Gnarly Athlete Joslynn Corredor

Dealing with current events feels like we’re still dealing with the past; our country’s history is filled with race and inequality issues. Unfortunately, many people feel this way in the outdoors, too. But the natural world is what connects all humans, and I don’t think anyone should ever have to feel like they don’t belong […]

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From Calisthenics to Climbing: Meet Gnarly Athlete Brandon Belcher

Gnarly athlete Brandon Belcher walked into his local climbing gym in Atlanta with callused hands and deep muscle striations in his arms, back and pecs – all signatures of an experienced climber. But he had never sent a route before, …

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Choosing Mountains with Tiare Vincent

The first book Tiare read in jail was Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. She felt it was fitting, or even fate, since her life had recently turned around. She was used to running almost everyday by then, but there was …

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Prepping for the Send with Kelly Halpin

At her local bakery in Jackson, Wyoming, Kelly Hapin picked out two oversized chocolate-chip cookies. You know the ones I’m talking about … those irresistible cookies that are the size of your hand, outstretched like a seastar, the ones that …

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No-Send September Part Two: Fail then Succeed

On a flat, paved surface, the average adult takes about 2,000 steps to walk one mile. In a race that spans 268 miles though mountains and varied terrain in the dead of winter in the United Kingdom, that amounts to …

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No-Send September Part One: Climbing & Projecting

The sweat-drenched summer months are behind us, and we’re in the height of Send-it September. With our fingertips no longer leaving visible sweat marks on the rock, Sendtember is a rock-climber’s paradise. Crisp mornings and evenings with typically dry conditions …

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Filling the Void with Jasna Hodzic

The boulder problem was exquisite. Four holds sat arranged in a diamond — a sloper above me, an undercling to my left, a gaston to my right, and a foot below. They beckoned at me, challenging me to find a …

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