Fueling with Water

Being in and around water can be refreshing and invigorating, both mentally and emotionally. Soaking in a warm bath on a cold winter night, swimming laps in the pool or watching the sunset on a tropical beach, water can have a profound impact on how we fuel our bodies and minds.

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Gnarly Collagen Pro

Gnarly Recipe: Slow Cooker Lentil Stew with Collagen & Curry

This slow-cooker lentil stew uses Gnarly Collagen Pro to up its nutritional value while harnessing the natural anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric and ginger to aid in your body’s recovery.

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Fueling with Carbs

In moderate- or high-intensity exercises, carbs are our main fuel source. So when training or competing, carb intake should be the main focus to fuel our bodies so we can crush our goals.

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Women in Sport: How, when & why to eat differently during hormonal fluctuations

Female physiology is undoubtedly complex. Hormone fluctuations throughout the monthly menstrual cycle are normal. But did you know that hormones can affect athletic performance?

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