4 Creative Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet
4 Creative Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

4 Creative Ways to Add Protein to Your Diet

If you’re an active individual, you are going to need more protein on a day to day
basis than someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle. Making sure that you get enough protein is going to be imperative to making sure that you are preserving your lean muscle mass tissue, boosting your metabolic rate, and recovering after each workout that you do.

Most people however, currently fall short in their protein intake. If you’re tired of eating chicken breasts and egg whites however, you might want to look at what other options you have to make sure you are getting in enough. Let’s go over four creative ways to boost your protein intake in a hurry.

Stir Protein Powder Into Yogurt

First, if you like to make an afternoon snack out of yogurt, consider adding a bit of protein powder to that yogurt. The protein powder will help to boost your calcium intake, while easily allowing you to reach your goals. On top of that, you’ll also enhance the flavor so you can opt for the plain, no sugar yogurt varieties.

Add Cottage Cheese To Your Smoothie

Another quick and simple way to boost your protein intake is to add some cottage cheese to any smoothie you’re preparing. Cottage cheese is an excellent source of casein protein, which takes a longer time to digest and break down in your body. By adding some low fat cottage cheese into the blender, you’ll also enhancing the staying power of the smoothie, making sure you don’t go hungry.

Create A Dip Of Canned Tuna

Canned tuna is an excellent source of protein that should not go overlooked. Far too many people put off this protein because they simply don’t enjoy the taste, but if you find creative uses for it, it doesn’t have to be this way. Try making a dip out of it. Mix together some canned tuna, salsa, and some freshly chopped avocado. Stir in some low fat sour cream if you want a little more creaminess and then serve with fresh, raw vegetables.

It’ll be the perfect protein-packed mid-afternoon snack to serve up when you get the munchies.

Bake Up Some Protein Bars

Finally, don’t overlook the fact that you can use protein powder in your baking as well. You can easily use protein powder to replace half the flour called for in most recipes, making it a great option for whipping up protein pancakes, protein muffins, or protein bars. These are going to be far better than the ones that you purchase in the store because you can control what goes into them and can do without all the unnecessary sugar and other additives that take away from their health benefits.

So there you have some of the top ways that you can get your protein needs up so that you don’t go deficit. This is the most important nutrient you must take in with your diet plan, so be sure that you are not overlooking it.

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