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4 Foods for Better Health
4 Foods for Better Health

4 Foods for Better Health

As you go about your diet program, there are some important foods for better that you should be eating – that most people aren’t. While making sure that your calories line up properly is definitely going to be a must, on top of that, you also must make sure that you are making wise nutritionally dense choices.

If you fail to do this, you will fail to see results – it’s that simple.

So let’s walk you through a list of four foods that are very commonly overlooked so that you can see why you should consider adding them back into your diet protocol.

Breaking Down 4 Foods for Better Health


When it comes to complex carbohydrates, one of the key things to look for in a good choice is that it’s high in fiber. As such, most people often turn to brown rice or quinoa.

While those are both good sources – no question – there’s one you’re missing out on.

Barley is sky-high in dietary fiber and contains just as much nutritional power as the former two options. Plus, it’s fast and easy to prepare and can be used in a wide number of recipes. Make sure you aren’t overlooking including it in your meal plan.

It can easily be subbed in for where you would normally use brown rice or quinoa.


Bison is another top food to be eating in your diet plan. This red meat variety is lower in fat than beef is and is just as high quality of a source of protein.

In addition to that, bison will also pack in a good dose of iron, which will help keep your energized as it increases your overall red blood cell count, which carry oxygen to the working muscle tissues.

Most people, especially women, are not getting enough iron in their daily diet, so this is a very important protein source to be considering.


On the leafy greens side of things, a common choice is spinach. You’ve heard just how healthy it is and are making sure to include it regularly. However, don’t let this cause you to overlook kale.

Kale is a very powerful leafy green as well – in fact, even more nutrient dense than spinach. Prepare it raw, steamed, or even baked if you prefer.

Kale is one vegetable that’s hard to beat in terms of nutrition and is so low in calories you hardly even need to count it as part of your daily total.


Finally, don’t overlook squash. Squash is a great alternative to more starchy carbohydrates such as potatoes or pasta, so is a good choice for those who are on weight loss or lower carb diet plans.

Full of fiber and vitamin A, it’ll also improve your health and help combat hunger.

So there you have some of the top foods for better health that deserve a place in your diet plan. Were you missing out on any of these?

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