Anthill Films Trailer for
Anthill Films Trailer for

Anthill Films Trailer for "Not Bad"

Here’s a sick little bike film from Anthill Films that tickled our kiwi endeared souls at Gnarly HQ. Why? Because the whole sordid mess was filmed in a beautiful part of the world that we’re pretty darn fond of: New Zealand. Yes, it seems like New Zealand is good for things other than giving us some of the cleanest whey protein in the world (which, honestly, was enough for us) and being a backdrop for Middle-earth. Turns out if you get a few dudes that can pull some pretty sick moves on their bikes, then New Zealand is where you want to be to film as the insane tricks, gravity-defying air and hilarity ensue. This is one of those bike films that looks like a blast to watch just because the guys in it seem like they’re having so much fun. It looks like the ultimate boys adventure, and you instantly want to be a part of the crew. The film stars Brandon Semenuk, Brook MacDonald, Brett Rheeder, Cam McCaul, Andrew Shandro, René Wildhaber and Ryan Howard.

For more info on the film check out Anthill Films’ website. You’ll find a list of venues across the US where they are premiering the film. It’s also available on iTunes after July 29th which is also when they are doing a FREE online premiere of the film. Never forget: You put New Zealand in the mix of anything and its a recipe for awesomeness. That’s our secret here at Gnarly. Well, one of them anyway. Go forth!

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