Elevated CrossFit Summer Games Recap
Elevated CrossFit Summer Games Recap

Elevated CrossFit Summer Games Recap

The second annual Elevated CrossFit Summer Games took place over this past weekend, July 19th-20th, 2013 at Timpanogos Harley Davidson in Lindon, Utah. Despite the 100 degree temperatures, there was great showing. The good thing about that heat though was that Gnarly was ready and willing to keep everyone happy with a few of our products on tap! That’s right! Gnarly had our special all natural fuels chilled and ready to keep all the athletes performing at their best. We also were giving out samples to the spectators just so they didn’t feel left out. It’s just how we like to roll here at Gnarly.

Yes, the games were hot, but you shoulda seen the competition. These crossfitters were on fire! Gnarly had three Ambassadors participate and all three of these bad aces made it to the podium. Chase Heywood grabbed 1st in the Men’s Individual, Blake Bastian was right behind him with his 2nd place finish in the Men’s Individuals and, let’s not forget the lioness herself, Sheena Hammer, who took 1st in the Women’s Individual. Gnarly is proud to have these three individuals as brand ambassadors and we give them the highly regarded (and minimally feard) Gnarly Double Booty Headbutt Salute of Pride and General Awesomeness. All Gnarly employees have been notified that these three have earned this honor and shall be greeted with this honor the next time they step foot into Gnarly HQ. We run a tight ship.

From left to right (Eli Kerr, Rich Mack, Blake Bastian, Chase Heywood, Sheena Hammer)


A huge thanks for Elevated CrossFit for putting the event on (seriously a great box) and a special congrats to all of the participants. You put all your heart, sweat, blood and tears out there for everyone to see. That’s brave. Gnarly was built to keep you brave. Go forth!


Top Image: Gnarly Ambassador Chase Heywood from Crossfit The Club

Photo: Eli Kerr






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