Collagen Protein Rundown
Collagen Protein Rundown

Collagen Protein Rundown

The Juniper Lab sat down with Shannon O’Grady of Gnarly Nutrition to talk about collagen protein and how athletes can properly incorporate it in to their health regimen. Listen below!

Hayden V
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My journey to find a collagen supplement that makes me feel whole again has led me to the Gnarly Collagen Pro, and let me tell you it doesn't disappoint. You can mix this into whatever pre-workout drink you prefer and it will still taste great. Other collagens leave you with chalk mouth and a yearning for something better. Give your body the love it deserves and get some Gnarly Collagen Pro!
Nadia A.
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I was so excited to see Gnarly come out with collagen. Collagen is a great anti aging supplement that’s also great for your joints and connective tissue. I use it daily! Mixing it into my coffee or smoothie every morning. The collagen dissolves easily without thickening and is flavorless. Love this stuff!
Andy B.
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This dissolves so much better than what I was using before & is easier to use. Collagen is a must for any aging athlete! The eco packaging is rad too.
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