EcoJarz Review: Gnarly in a Jar?
EcoJarz Review: Gnarly in a Jar?

EcoJarz Review: Gnarly in a Jar?

Every once in a while we like to check out some of the brands that aren’t only good for our athletes, but also good for the earth. One of those products is EcoJarz.

EcoJarz makes reusable lids and straws for mason jars. Their goal is to help cut down the amount of waste created from disposable cups.
Not only is their product made from quality materials that are free from BPA and Phthalates, but their packaging is also made from 100% recycled paper. We think that’s pretty Gnarly.

The folks over at EcoJarz sent us a care package, and we decided it was a great opportunity to whip up some Gnarly protein smoothies and test out our new eco-friendly lids and metal straws.

The screw tops, silicone, and metal lids fit the two standard sizes of jars. You can use a Ball or Kerr jar, or you can even use a pasta sauce jar. It’s all about recycling, people.

We rounded up a couple of small mouth jars and decided to test out both the silicon and metal tops and of course the awesome metal straws.
EcoJarz and Gnarly Whey

We combined two scoops of Gnarly Vanilla Whey with about a cup of coconut water, a cup of water, a cup of berries, and threw in some oats for a little fiber. We blended it in our Blendtec until it was the deliciously smooth beverage of our dreams.

We filled up our jars and secured the lids. The tops of the EcoJarz lids seal to the glass of the jars giving you a leak proof container once you screw on the metal lids. For our smoothies we used the bent straws. These straws fit a little more loosely in the lid’s hole, so you don’t want to shake these guys up and down too much. There’s just something about drinking an chilled smoothie out of a cold glass and metal straw that makes it taste that much more refreshing.

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Next up, we wanted to test out how well the EcoJarz lids would do if we shook up some whey with a blender ball. A couple things worth mentioning: there are two little wholes on the top of the lid. There’s the air hole and the straw hole. Using the straight straws seals the straw hole completely so you can shake you jar, but you’ll still need to put your finger over the air hole while you shake. Which isn’t a big deal, really. As mentioned before, the bent straws are smaller so they fit more loosely in the straw hole, so you won’t want to use those or shaking up your Gnarly.

Gnarly Slim shake in a jar.
We put two scoops of Gnarly Slim Vanilla into a quart sized Kerr jar with 16 oz of water and a blender ball We sealed it with the silicone top and metal ring, put in the large straight straw and gently started shaking with our finger over the air hole.

Our Gnarly protein products blend very easily into liquids, so even though were were shaking gently (we were kind of nervous to have any whey come up through the straw) it mixed perfectly fine. This means that you can conveniently enjoy your clean protein from a recycled jar, and we think that’s pretty Gnarly.

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Cleaning EcoJarz is also pretty convenient. The straw cleaning brushes that are available on allow you to thoroughly clean both the straight and bent straws to make sure your next use is just as refreshing as the first.

As Gnarly Denizens, you’re already doing your best to take care of your body, so why not do your best to take care of the environment by cutting down on the amount of plastic cups you buy. It’s definitely an idea to think about.

You can learn more about EcoJarz on their website!

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