Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Now Available!
Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Now Available!

Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Now Available!

As a company that is known for one of their flagship products, Gnarly Whey, what the heck were we thinking when we came out with Gnarly Vegan? It’s simple. As a company we are hell bent on supporting the everyday athlete up to the professional athlete with the best products out there. We are not building a platform to endorse, propose or build propaganda around one specific approach to eating or dieting.

We have enough on our own plate that we have left it to you to decide what you put on your own plate. So you decide what is the best approach in order to help you perform and we will try to provide quality products that will help support your goals and ambitions.

With that said, we have launched our new Gnarly Vegan meal replacement.

We have focused on making it a full meal replacement that will help plant-based dieters meet the demands of their everyday nutrition, while still providing a strong enough amino acid profile to also help athletes that need aid in their post workout recovery. Gnarly Vegan Meal Replacement Protein Blend We have created a unique plant-based protein blend that includes pea protein isolate, chia seed protein, and cranberry protein. This blend provides a complete amino acid profile while also providing the smoothest plant protein to ever hit your mouth. With so many plant-based powder drinks out there that are quality products but require a pinch of the nose just to get it down while hoping that your gag reflex doesn’t engage causing you to up-chuck all that goodness you just put down. We think we have finally provided a powder that mixes extremely smooth, tastes delicious with a texture that will beckon you to come back for more.

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Here are some benefits of our protein blend:

Benefits of Gnarly Vegan

Pea Protein Isolate – Our pea Protein is packed with protein including a good source of BCAAs. It’s hypoallergenic, has a great flavor profile and mixes well making it a smooth and delicious protein source. We source our Pea protein from GMO-free plants that measured are very low in heavy metals making this a protein source you can be comfortable putting into your body.

Chia Seed – Known as a superfood because it’s not only a great source of protein and amino acids but also for its Omega-3s, antioxidants and trace minerals. Sourced naturally, you can’t deny that you want to get all the benefits of the Chia seed. So of course, we had to include it in our Vegan meal replacement.

Cranberry Seed – A newer protein out on the market, Cranberry seed is a strong source of protein and amino acids as well as Fiber and Omegas. Cranberry protein is extracted using a cold-pressed technology that preserves natural balances and naturally occurring fatty acids, which increases the absorption of the other nutrients.
We have also added pre and probiotics, digestive enzymes along with a healthy dose of fiber to help support maintain a healthy digestive system. With the high quality ingredients, delicious flavor and a smooth texture we felt we were ready to bring Gnarly Vegan to the public.

Try Gnarly Vegan Today!

If you have found that a plant-based diet is the right way for you, or you like to switch it up occasionally and add some variety to your whey protein. We hope that you will give Gnarly Vegan a try and send us a short note on your thoughts on the newest member to the Gnarly product family.

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