Fast and Effective Tips for Staying  Motivated
Fast and Effective Tips for Staying  Motivated

Fast and Effective Tips for Staying Motivated

If you’ve recently hopped onto the fitness bandwagon and are working hard to reach new heights in your fitness level and shave off a few of the pounds that may have crept on in recent years, you need to make sure you’re staying motivated. Motivation is something that tends to come and go for all of us, but with some sneaky tricks up your sleeve, you can make sure your motivation is high more often than not. If you’ve fallen off the bandwagon before, it’s a must that you take steps to prevent doing so again. Here are some fast and effective tips for keeping your motivation up higher.

Set Daily Goals

setting goals will help with staying motivated

First, never leave home in the morning without a daily goal set. This goal should be something that’s relatively easy to obtain and that you can do that day. It could be related to your diet, such as getting 5 or more servings of vegetables in or related to your workout such as doing two more reps on the bench press machine. Having this goal each day gives that day a purpose and something for you to strive to accomplish. And when you do, you’ll feel great about that accomplishment and be more motivated than ever to carry on.

Try New Activities

Next, also be sure that you try new activities from time to time as well. This keeps your workouts fresh and interesting and will also help to promote a higher level of fitness as well. Think back to what you used to enjoy as a kid – maybe it was bike riding or you enjoyed a game of soccer with your friends. One study published in the Journal of American College Health noted that motivation for sports related activities tends to be more intrinsic in nature, which is longer lasting than extrinsic motivation, which is typically more characteristic of gym related exercise. If that’s the case, mountain biking or joining a recreational adult league may be the best way to bring fitness back to your life. Even if you just do these once per week along with your other sessions, it can keep you enjoying leading the active lifestyle. Plus, the more often you do active leisure activities rather than passive ones, the closer you’ll come to reaching your goal weight.

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Be Realistic

Being realistic is also essential if you are going to stay motivated and pushing forward. Far too many people set lofty goals – goals that are slightly out of their reach. Make sure all the goals you’ve set are something that you can obtain. If they aren’t, you’ll be feeling discouraged right from day one.

Line-Up Pre, During, And Post Workout Supplements

Having a good supplement line-up to turn to in order to support you through your workouts is also a wise idea. What you take in before, during, and after your workout will make a big difference on the recovery you experience and how hard you’re working. Before, you’ll want to take in a wholesome meal of carbohydrates and lean protein along with a nitric oxide product for enhanced blood flow such as Gnarly Pump. This will encourage more oxygen and nutrients to move into the muscle cell, where they’re needed most. During, consider an energy enhancing beverage such as Gnarly Boost. It’ll replenish lost nutrients and give you a hit of B vitamins to encourage the energy generation process. Finally, finish off the workout with a high quality post-workout whey protein powder to give your muscles the amino acids they need for optimal rebuilding.

Join An Event

Finally, if you’re still struggling to stay motivated, consider joining an event. Take part in a 5km race or join a cycling event. Both of these will give you something additional to train for so you have this ulterior source of motivation. Plus, you’ll get to meet other like-minded individuals in the process, expanding your social circle of active individuals. So keep thee motivational tips in mind next time you feel you’re struggling to stick with it. Make sure you also jot down your progress on a week to week basis so that you can review over time and see that you are in fact getting great results.

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