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Foam Rolling Part 3
Foam Rolling Part 3

Foam Rolling Part 3

The past two days I’ve been talking about foam rolling and how awesome it is as a massage/stretching technique. Why? because you can get a really thorough, deep tissue massage and you can do it at home. Yesterday I went through some of my favorite stretches on the roller. Today I’ve got a few more to throw at ya. So grab your roller, a tasty beverage, and cuddle up to your monitor for a little education that’ll go a long way in keeping you healthy and pushing hard at whatever you do. Let’s get it started one more time!

Place the foam roller above the back of the knee. Then roll forward to the insertion of the hamstrings. You can roll side to side too. Just make sure the muscles are totally relaxed and your core is engaged. Occasionally, if I am really tight in the hamstrings, I will place the roller on a coffee table and let my legs hang over the edge, it just adds a little more pressure to give me a better massage.Hamstring video: BAM!

To roll out your calves, start at the Achilles, place your opposite foot on top of the leg you are rolling and roll side to side, then proceed to roll up. Runners have notoriously tight calves, so when you feel tightness, place the opposite foot a little higher and draw circles with your foot. you can also extend and release your foot for more pressure. Did you want a video? Ok, here you go.

Rolling out your shins is really important for almost everyone. Especially if you find yourself walking in heels quite a bit or if you’re one of the strange folk that actually enjoy box jumps or running ladders…uphill. Here’s what to do: start with all 4s on the floor. Place one leg on the roller, and turn in toward your other leg, and roll. Here’s a video to make it even simpler. You’re welcome.

One last tip
Remember my little joke about cuddling up with a tasty beverage. Well, turns out it ain’t no joke. Just like when you’re done with a deep tissue massage, you’re going to want to hydrate to help your body process the toxins that you’ve just loosened from your muscles and and pushed into the bloodstream.

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