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The Truth About Running
The Truth About Running

The Truth About Running

Here’s a great running comic from Matthew Inman and his website The Oatmeal. Even though I’m not an ultra guy, much of his comic explains my weird relationship with running to a tee. If you’re any kind of runner, you’re going to relate. Trust me. What I like about Matthew’s comic is that, right from the start, he tells us he runs to decompress; to think. He calls it meditative. For anyone who’s dedicated any time to running and realized how beautiful and horrible the sport can be (sometimes simultaneously), you’ll realize Matthew is one of us, a true believer in the power, freedom and time with your thoughts that running can give you. He also hits a lot of the disturbing stuff we go through in our heads or amongst “normal” folk -who don’t run- when we’re trying to explain our weird obsession.

He’s called it “The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons Why I Run Long Distances”; I think the title is perfect. And if you’re a long distance girl or guy, check out our Gnarly Hydrate to keep you hydrated.

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