How to Transition Your Active Lifestyle From Summer to Winter
How to Transition Your Active Lifestyle From Summer to Winter

How to Transition Your Active Lifestyle From Summer to Winter

To some, winter can feel like a slap in the face.

One day, you are basking in the sun, while climbing a couple more laps at your favorite crag – and suddenly, BAM. It’s snowing.

Winter has it’s challenges, especially for those of us working an eight hour day. First off, the sun sets EARLY! When we get off work, it is already dark! Not to mention snow, ice and freezing temperatures. Many of our outdoorsy souls start turning to the gym to stay in shape.

After spending a beautiful summer outside, transitioning to the gym can be difficult.

Here are a few tips for staying motivated:

1 ) Set a goal for the Spring

Goals keep us focused. I set many goals, but usually focus on one at a time. It is easier to get to a gym when you know it is going to pay off OUTSIDE soon enough. When you set a goal, make sure to write it DOWN. I often make little reminders on my computer, phone, and around the house to remind myself of WHAT I am working towards. This keeps me motivated and stoked to work out indoors.

2) Get a workout partner

A partner keeps you accountable – and face it, it is way more fun to workout with a friend.

3) Make a plan

Research! There is nothing worse than showing up to the gym and looking around and not knowing WHAT to do. Plan different workouts for different days. Research a variety of exercises aimed towards your goal or your activity. The internet, books, and magazines can all provide a wide range of knowledge to contribute towards your workouts using a variety of equipment.

4) Variety

Yes, go to the gym and use the treadmill and lift some weights but switching it up while you are stuck indoors is especially important. Take that yoga class at your gym! Try crossfit. Get a night pass to the climbing gym. It is hard to stay motivated when you are indoors all of the time and varying your workout and what you are doing is important for building different muscle groups and it keeps it FUN!

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