K/Rail and The Lean Berets: Avengers of Health!

I had the chance to spend some quality kettlebell time with Kevin Rail of The Lean Berets this weekend (the story about the grueling three day StrongFirst certification I went through, shall be forthcoming -stay tuned). This guy eats, sleeps, and lives by his belief in truly treating the body like a temple. He’s also not one to be shy with his opinion on common foods found in the grocery aisles that may try to trick you into thinking they’re healthy when, in reality, they’re not. He does target the obvious offenders (sugary kids treats, cereal, soda pop) as well. When K/Rail (pretty sick nickname, huh?) finds something that offends his palette for unpolluted realness, he decides to take it to what he calls ‘the firing squad’. Basically this is where Kevin decides to smash a can of diet soda with a 50lb kettlebell, swing a golf club at some yogurt, or have some kids destroy a box of artificially fruity frozen pops with some bats and sticks. Why? because it sends a pretty powerful message. The man doesn’t believe that we should be duped into thinking that the ingredients included in any of the products he puts before the firing squad are safe. I kinda dig his militant stance on this stuff. Kevin takes some time to talk about why he’s not happy with a product and why the ingredients are so terrible for you. But, the best part is, he actually offers a healthy alternative instead. That’s what I like to see! Bash on kids frozen pops all you want, but the kid is still going to want them next time you’re at the store. You better have a plan B -and he does! Nice work, Kevin.

Hopefully Gnarly and The Lean Berets will team up more in the future to bring you our special blend of no bull and no compromises health info. Matches like these were made in heaven and we just can’t pass up a chance to see just how well Kevin can smash some artificially sweetened yogurt with a $2 golf club.

Unlike that thrift store golf club, real health, my Gnarly denizens, is priceless.

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