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Gnarly Throwdowns: Week 1 Re-cap
Gnarly Throwdowns: Week 1 Re-cap

Gnarly Throwdowns: Week 1 Re-cap

Friday night’s Throwdown was FANTASTIC! Although it was our first one, and there were going to be some obvious bumps and surprises, they were all good surprises. First of all, we had some wonderful volunteers. Thanks to everyone who came and donated your time on a Friday night. We never could make these work without you.

Photo Credit: Ali Tate Sumsion

So, what came as the biggest surprise? 60 people registered! We were being very conservative imagining a turnout of around 30 people, and were pleasantly surprised as more and more people walked through the doors. Speaking of doors, a huge shout out and thank you to Copper Mountain CrossFit for being amazing hosts and letting us use your box.

Next, thank you to everyone who came and participated! It was a great time because everyone really pushed so hard to do their best. It was a blast watching everyone’s effort as they hit PR’s, but more than anything, we loved watching everyone cheer each other on no matter which box they were from. This is an amazing community, and group of people, and we are fortunate to be associated with you all.

Let’s keep this rolling and make this Friday at The Point even better than this last week!
It’s not too late to be a part of the Throwdowns. Get details on the next event on our Facebook page.

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