Whale Eats Diver (Almost) and What Gnarly is (or isn’t).

So, I’ve got a little treat for you today. Check out this video clip of a giant whale off the coast of Southern California. The aquatic bound mammal decides to shoot up out of the water way too close to some divers and subsequently freaks those divers out hardcore. Definitely a life experience none of these guys will forget.

So what does this have to do with Gnarly? Great question, I’m glad you asked it. This video, if I could use one word to sum it up, is out and out gnarly. People ask us all the time what Gnarly is and how we define it. Well, I think this whale and these divers just did that. Now, there are other forms of Gnarly out there. Here’s a great one that makes you wish you could be a fearless surfer (well, it made me feel that way anyway).

But you don’t have to be water bound for something to be gnarly. This 55 year old skateboarder is landlocked and definitely gnarly.

And I have to include a good crit crash because I love cycling, I raced, and I loved how crazy criterium racing could get. Now that I’m older and wiser, I don’t know if I’d do it again. But man, it was gnarly while I was doing it.

Why am I showing you a bunch of these videos? Because we know that gnarly gets defined a million different ways all the time. And, although each of these clips is pretty different from the others, they all are, without a doubt, gnarly. They’re gnarly because they’re real, they’re unexpected, and they’re about an elevated sense of something. If you’re a 55 year old skateboarder, that sense is that you can still get on your board and genuinely get a feeling of euphoria. For the big wave surfer, It’s having the cajones to commit to a barrel that could eat you alive. You don’t race in a criterium if you’re hesitant or scared. And you don’t dive with whales if you don’t have some part of you that craves a genuine, honest experience –something that can’t be duplicated.

For most of us, moments like these present themselves just a few select times in our lives. Maybe our elevated sense of something is the euphoria we feel after a long hard morning workout, or the pride of watching our body transform as we nourish and work it properly.

These are gnarly too. Why? because they’re real. And they’re individual to each of us. They happen to us and it won’t be quite like that for anyone else. That’s why we built this company. That’s why we wanted to make simple, clean nutrition.

Embrace your gnarly experiences, whatever they are. And keep pushing. Never forget to keep pushing.

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